Why stopping your dog from barking is the easiest training technique?

Have you got a migraine? Is it because your dog just WON’T STOP barking?

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Yes? Then read this article! It’ll help you learn how to stop your dog from barking all the time.

And guess what? It’s easy!

What kind of dogs bark?

All dogs bark — that’s kind of what a dog does.

If you don’t want that, you probably should get a cat instead.

Big dogs bark, but it’s more of a deep ‘woof.’

Sometimes, they even howl. This can be annoying, but usually, people tolerate a bigger dog.

But smaller dogs are another story.

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These are the kind of dogs that have high, squeaky barks.

The sound gets right into the ear and can make people cringe. It’s usually this kind of barking that grates on people’s nerves.

Is barking a good or a bad thing?

Dog barking is natural. It’s like how we talk.

We wouldn’t want dogs to never bark. That would be cruel.

Dog barking is helpful. Your dog will alert you if someone is in the house or if a situation is dangerous.

Look on the internet. You’ll find so many stories about how a dog warned its owner something was wrong through barking.

But I’m sure you know dog barking can be incredibly irritating.

Some dogs bark when there is the slightest movement outside. If anyone walks past, they bark.

A car moves, they bark. Noth-ing moves, they bark.

Sound familiar? This kind of barking that needs to be stopped.

Why does my dog bark all the time?

Some dog barking can be related to the breed.

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It’s why your dog may bark more than others you know.

Constant barking isn’t good. It means your dog isn’t happy. It can be a sign of:
• Tension
• Frustration
• Anxiousness
• Protection
• Over excitement

A calm dog is a happy dog. You should see constant barking as a warning that your dog is unhealthy.

You need to address the problem to stop the symptom, i.e., barking.

My dog barks when I’m not home. Why is that?

Some dog owners are unaware that their dog is barking all the time.

It’s only when neighbors complain that they realize they have a problem. Why does this happen?

You’re the pack leader. Your dog follows and takes cues from you.

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You’re his protector. You create a secure environment so your dog can relax.

Then you need to go grocery shopping, and you leave.

You’ll be back in fifteen minutes, but your dog doesn’t know that.

All he knows is that you’re gone. He becomes stressed, and this causes him to bark.

His barking, in this case, is caused by anxiety. It’s similar to dogs that become destructive when their owner leaves.

They will chew, dig, jump, and more. At least your dog only barks!

Can I really stop my dog from barking all the time?

Yes! You can control this behavior. It’s all about confidence.

When your dog barks, gently close his method and say ‘no’ firmly.

If he stops, praise him and give lots of affection.

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Do NOT yell at your dog. Your dog doesn’t think he’s being told off.

He thinks you’re joining him! Believe me, it’ll only increase the volume.

Be careful when giving affection. Rewarding your dog at the wrong time can increase unwanted behavior.

He thinks you want him to bark. Only give him affection if he is quiet and calm.

Are there any tips you can give me?

Yes. To stop your dog barking, you should:
• Exercise before you leave for work. This way, he’ll be too tired to bark all the time!
• Make sure when you leave him, he’s in an area where he’s comfortable. He should have access to his toys and crate (separate training). This should help decrease his anxiety.
• Make sure your dog is fed and has plenty of water before you leave.
• Put the radio or TV on. Dogs love noise, and it’ll stop them from feeling so lonely.
• Have a neighbor or friend check on your dog if you’re out all day.
• Leave and return to your house calmly.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do?

Just as there are things you should do, you shouldn’t.

• Buy your dog a comfort-jacket. They are expensive and have limited success.

One dog even ate his! Honestly, it’s best just to avoid these.
• Give your dog herbal remedies. They won’t do any harm (though make sure to do your research) and can relax your dog significantly. But they won’t fix the problem.

You also don’t want to rely on them in case you run out.
• Buy another dog. In some cases, yes, another dog can help. But your dog isn’t bored, he’s afraid!

In this situation, another dog won’t do any good. It will also put more pressure on you, having to look after two dogs.

After all, that dog could have its own problems.

You can stop your dog from barking. Follow the techniques above, and your dog should calm down. Have a better one? Tell us!

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