Why Should You Get Cat Flaps?

Why Should You Get Cat Flaps?

Cats are adorable, but those little devils also have the habit of changing their minds here and there.

At one moment, they might be meowing for your attention and chewing a toy in the next.

Cat owners are accustomed to these mood swings of cats.


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It is indeed cute when a cat tries to get your attention and then forgets about it altogether.

It, however, becomes a nuisance when you want to sleep, and your cat wants to wander the house.

It is where cat flaps are useful, not only for us owners but also for our feline friends.

Read on, and you will understand why!

What Is a Cat Flap?

A cat flap is an opening in the door for your cats to enter or exit the house.

Various forms of cat flaps exist, ranging from flexible flaps to an electronically controlled system.


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The purpose of these flaps is to offer more freedom to your pet in its movements, especially when humans are not around to assist them.

Why Use The Cat Flaps?

Cat flaps ensure that your cat will have more area to move around the house.

It makes the cat more active, and so it won’t get bored.

It also has a direct impact on their mental as well as overall health.

They can play longer and spend more time in the sun.

It means they will stay physically fit and not gain excess weight.

Also, they can interact with other cats and dogs in the neighbourhood.

If those animals appear to be not so friendly, your cat can retreat to the home safely too.

How Many Types of Cat Flaps Are There?

The Plastic Flap

The most simplistic form of cat flap is a plastic drape attached to a small opening in your door.

It works well from both outside and inside.


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It is cheap and can be used easily by any cat.

It also, however, has a downside as other cats may also enter your house.

Worst case scenario, some stray cat is stealing your pet’s food and trying to make your home its territory.

It may end up with your home becoming a war zone of cats.

It can get messy and noisy, and no one wants that.

Magnetic Flaps

Luckily, magnetic or infrared flaps are also available in markets and quickly deal with the above issue.

The working principle is simple. A collar with a specific code is attached to your pet.

The device of the cat flap reads this code when your house cat is near the door.

After verification, the flap opens.

Albeit being costly than the plastic flaps, it ensures only your pet can enter the house.

There are some downsides to magnetic flaps as well.


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Your cat might not be able to bring its new friends inside the house, but that is a sacrifice we must make for their protection.

Also, these flaps don’t open or close very fast.

So, if your cat is running towards the door, it can hurt itself by slamming.


Cat flaps ensure your cats can have the freedom to move and stay active.

However, there are pros and cons to each type of flap.


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So, which one to buy comes to the matter of your neighbourhood’s location, budget, and personal preference.

Still, having one is better than nothing.

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