Why Do Hamsters Nap The Way They Do?

Why Do Hamsters Nap The Way They Do?

Hamsters are usually asleep throughout the daytime.

You might want to know why your pet behaves this way.

Is it because of a biological process?

Here, we discuss the basics and why your hamster is the way it is. Read on!

What are the essential things to note?

The rate at which your hamster sleeps may be affecting playtime with it.


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However, it is not likely that your furry friend is sleeping too much.

Hamsters are not asleep throughout the day. When it comes to rest, your pet has some of its wild traits preserved.

Your furry friend’s biological clock makes this process work.

It makes your hamster more active at certain times and inactive in others.

Hamsters as pets can adapt to their new environments and their owners.


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However, most hamsters stick to what is natural to them.

These include basic instincts and habits about where and how to sleep.

What’s a hamster’s snoozing pattern?

Hamsters are crepuscular. It means that at dusk and dawn, they are active.

However, during the rest of the day, they’re mostly inactive.

This natural habit develops from the fact that in the wild, hamsters are prey.

In this environment, you will find hamsters hiding from threats and predators.


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These animals would only go out to search for food when they think it’s safe.

Overall, this makes your hamster’s sleeping habits much different from yours.

So, your furry friend’s sleeping behaviour, and yours might be significantly out of tune.

Your pet is likely safe and free from threats and predators in your home.

However, your hamster can still display habits and instincts gotten from its wild ancestors.

Some hamsters have managed to adapt to their owner’s behaviours.

It is possible. However, please do not force your hamster to do this as it is very harmful.


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Usually, hamsters wake at some point during the day. They do this for a short period then go back to sleep.

Where would be your hammy’s preferred napping place?

Now, you know why your hamster’s sleep routine is the way it is.

The next thing to do is to make this process comfortable for your pet.

Your furry friend will need a spot where it can sleep without being disturbed.

It should feel safe in this spot.

Your hamster must also be familiar with this spot and be used to seeing people while in it.

Another thing to do is to provide your hamster with building materials.

Your furry friend can use hay or dried wood shavings.

With these, your pet can make its own nest and sleep in it.

Aside from these materials, there are other options for hamster bedding.

Make sure that its nest is kept clean. Also, never disturb your furry friend’s resting place.

Do hamsters hibernate?

Sometimes, when there is a drop in temperature, hamsters go through a dormant state.

Not all hamsters have this near hibernation experience.


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It is because this experience is species dependent.

Your furry friend will look dead and unresponsive in this state.

To be able to tell if your hamster is hibernating, touch its whisker.

While you carry your furry friend in your palm, you will notice that it twitches lightly.

Is your hamster well adapted to its new environment?

How often does your pet sleep?

Have you ever seen your furry friend in a dormant state?

Please share your experience with us! Let us know below!

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