Why Do Cats Sneeze?

Why Do Cats Sneeze?

Sneezing is a mechanism that suddenly forces air out from the nose and mouth with such substantial force.

It typically happens because there is an irritation. Like us humans, sneezing from time to time is normal.


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However, it is worrisome when sneezing occurs more frequently, especially when other symptoms (i.e., coughing, fever, or eye or nasal discharge) accompany it.

It may be time to visit your veterinarian.

What are the causes of sneezing in cats?

1. Allergies

Our feline pets could also get allergies.

Common causes of allergy include consistent exposure to strong irritating scents, cigarette smoke, dust, fabric, fragrances, food cleansers, insecticides, latex or rubber materials, and pesticides.

It is smarter to go for a veterinary counsel to determine the specific reasons your cats are experiencing this.


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So you can know how you could adequately reduce the allergic reactions if you suspect that your pet is suffering from them.

2. Dental Diseases

Aside from a runny nose, the other common symptom of a cat’s dental disease is sneezing.


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The infection of the tooth allows the bacteria to invade the cavity of their noses.

It will then result in inflammation that causes the cats to sneeze.

Veterinarians should treat dental diseases immediately to prevent the bacteria from spreading to the other parts of the cat’s body.

3. Infections of the Respiratory System

Along with other clinical symptoms, sneezing occurs to eliminate viruses or bacteria invading the body system.

Cat’s immune system can get weak; therefore, they are prone to viral infections, like the common cold, herpes, calicivirus, chlamydia, ringworm, and rabies.

However, these are not transferable to humans, so no need to worry about it!

4. Irritant Substances

Various chemicals with overpowering smells can trigger the cat to sneeze to get rid of these irritants (which, from the word itself, irritates the lining of the cat’s nose).

Examples that are too strong for your pet’s sensitive but cute little noses are bleach and other chemical solvents, essential oils, fumes, perfumes, smoke, strong spices while cooking, and even vinegar.


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Along with your children, keep your cats out of the kitchen.

When to go to the vet?

If continuous sneezing still does not resolve the problem, try to determine the cause.

Check if you have exposed your cat to things not ordinary in your cat’s environment.

If you cannot determine the cause of sneezing, it is time to make an appointment with your vet.


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He can perform tests to find the root cause and give proper medications.

If you have a yearly wellness exam with your human doctors, your pets doctor should also see them at least once every year.

These veterinary trips can prevent your cats from developing serious problems.

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