Why Can't You Give Orange Juice To Your Pet Dog?

Why Can’t You Give Orange Juice To Your Pet Dog?

Many of us have a pet dog at home.

Every one of us tries to give beast diets to our pet dogs.

I can say that many of us do not know what else the dogs can drink in addition to water and milk.

We don’t bother to think beyond these two fluids.

Can dogs drink orange juice?

I am sure many of us would not have tried this before.

We know that orange juice is rich in vitamin C.

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Vitamin C is very beneficial for our body also.

The requirement of the human body in terms of vitamin C is different than a dog.

Why don’t Dogs Need Orange Juice?

For the human body, we have to supplement vitamin C requirements.

But for the dogs, their body can generate vitamin C automatically from regular foo.

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It is; therefore, the dogs do not require to drink any orange juice.

They don’t have any requirement of drinking orange juice to supplement vitamin C for their body.

The regular food we provide to dogs is sufficient to generate vitamin C in adequate quantities.

The manufacturers add this vitamin C for preservatives.

But ultimately, it functions as the fulfillment of the daily requirement for vitamin C.

In case the manufacturer is not providing food contents on the label, please do not buy the food.

Where vitamin C is not available in the diet, you can ask the manufacturer to make new foods with the latest manufacturing process.

Why is Orange Juice not for Your Dog?

Most of the dog owners indeed feed only water and milk to their pet dogs.

So, some severe pet lovers feel that they deserve more than two fluids.

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Many such lovers offer orange juice to their pets.

But their pet doesn’t drink.

Sometimes, it makes them worried about their dogs not drinking orange juice.

The dogs don’t need vitamin C like we human beings.

Vitamin C is essential for human beings’ diet.

But for the dogs, the case is not similar.

They do not need any additional vitamin C.

Their body can make their vitamin C as per their body’s requirement.

So, dogs don’t need orange juice.

Why Don’t Dogs Need Orange Juice Nutrients?

A healthy dog doesn’t require any extra intake of vitamin C.

When the dog is sick or injured, he needs an additional dose of vitamin C.

There are vitamin supplements available in the market for the dogs.

Some of these supplements come in a combination of other vitamins and energy tonics.

These supplements are ideal and medically safe for dogs.

They can provide the required quantity of vitamin C and other supplements.

In such a case also, do not give orange juice to the pet jogs.

Giving orange juice to your dogs may cause diarrhea.

How can Orange Juice be Harmful to Dogs?

The orange juice seems to be very healthy.

It can significantly supplement the body with vitamin C.

You cannot give this juice to your dogs.

The orange juice contains significant content of sugar.

The sugar is not a safe container for dogs who have been diabetic in recent times.

The orange juice is acidic. It may cause acidity in the stomach and can result in diarrhea.

Also, the dog can have a burning sensation while passing stool.

Is Orange Juice Dangerous for Your Dog?

If the dog drinks orange juice by mistake, there is no risk at all.

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It may cause a stool problem and diarrhea.

But it will be temporary and will be no significant risk to health.

Drinking orange juice accidentally once or twice is not a health risk for the dogs.

But, they certainly do not include orange juice in their everyday diet.

If you want to include a new item in your dog’s daily routine diet, first consult your vet.

Even if you have asked the vet, the first time, gives a small quantity to the dogs.

It may happen that it does not suit him even if it a safe product.

Always trial a small amount two or three times.

If there is no adverse reaction from the dog, you can include it in future diets.

Some fruits like carrot, peas, watermelon, sweet potatoes, and apples are some of the fruits you can include in your dog’s diet after two or three tests.


Dogs are animals who can produce vitamin C necessary for their body.

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They don’t need any special diet to complete the requirement of vitamin C.

Dogs happily eat several fruits.

But there is no requirement of giving orange juice to dogs.

When the dogs are sick or injured, you can provide them external vitamin C tablets and other tonics to complete their vitamin C requirement.

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