Which Dog Breeds Are Considered Unsafe?

The British law states, dogs listed below are banned. It is, hence, an offense to own any of them.

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The U.S. law stipulates: dogs with the physical traits of these breeds or is in any way crossed from the types listed below are banned, which means you need a Certificate of Exemption.

If, as a dog owner, you possess a certificate of exemption, you should adhere to the following rules.

– The owner of the dog is required to be 16 years of age and above.
– Whenever your dog is in public, it should remain muzzled at all times.
– The dog should be tattooed on the inner part of its thigh.
– The dog should be castrated.
– It should be insured. This action, though, is hard to acquire when the dog has been issued a certificate of exemption.
– The dog should have a microchip.

If the owner does not adhere, he/she risks being imprisoned and the dog being confiscated.

A fine of approximately 2000 pounds may also apply.

What breeds are considered Dangerous in America?

Various states in America have different regulations and exemptions.

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While it may be illegal to own a given breed in one state, the ban may be lifted upon entering another state.

Always check in with the local authorities in your area of residence before purchasing a dog to avoid run-ins.

Which breeds are considered dangerous in the U.K?

• Dogo Argentino
• Fila Brasileiro
• Japanese Tosa
• Pit Bull Terrier

These dogs in England have been ruled as illegal by TYPE.

Other breeds considered dangerous

A Purebred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, your dog, is not allowed in your state.

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Contact the local authorities immediately.

One may find it hard or encounter a lot of problems in your bid to acquire insurance for some dogs.

This is according to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the subsequent amendments.

The breeds are listed below,

• Any dogs used for commercial dealings
• American Bandog/Bandogge Mastiff
• American Pit Bull Terriers
• American Staffordshire Bull Terriers
• Argentine Dogos
• Canary Dogs
• Cane Corsos
• Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs
• Dogue Brasileiros
• Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers
• Korean Jindos
• Northern Inuit Dogs
• Perro De Presa Canarios
• Pit Bull Mastiff
• Presa Canarios
• Racing Greyhounds
• Saarloos Wolfhounds
• Shar Pei
• Tosa Inus
• Utonagan
• Wolf Hybrids

What behavior is considered dangerous?

• If you notice that your dog tends to become unruly, ensure you keep it muzzled. This is a measure meant to prevent accidents.
• Sometimes dogs overreact to seeing strangers. To avoid attacks, enforce the appropriate rules to prevent lawsuits from being filed against you. For instance, if your dog gets overexcited at the sight of the postman. You can consider a different way of getting your post
• The behavior of your dog at home is most likely going to be the same, even in public. So if your bites and pulls on your clothes, consider having it muzzled or framed when in public.
• Dogs that get out of hand in public places should be restrained at all times.

To avoid trouble with the authorities, always carry with you your certificate of exemption.

This law applies even if your dog is on its best behavior or has been trained or socialized.

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As a dog breeder, you could consider joining self-help groups with other dog owners.

Dog obedience classes with qualified dog handlers and trainers are also offered in some neighborhoods.

This procedure helps educate you on how to handle your dog.

Statistics show that

– Approximately 6000 postmen are brutalized by dogs every year in the U.K.
– Approximately 3.3 million euros was spent on NHS on casualties of dog attacks in 2009.
– The U.K. has a very high population of dogs, nearly eight million. In comparison, America has one million per state.
– In the years 2008/9, an estimated 5000 people were hospitalized to the effect of dog bites.

If you want to buy a dog, be very thorough and ensure that its background data and its temperaments are okay.

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Some breeders are careless in their work and will sell dogs that do not meet the bar, and sometimes it is too late when you discover that your pet has a problem.

If you suspect that your dog is prohibited, contact the authorities immediately.

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