What You Don’t Know About Dog Problem Solving

Any good dog owner is focused on keeping their dog healthy.

This involves the correct diet and exercise.

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But don’t forget about their mind too. We need to keep them active, and so do our dogs.

Read this post to understand how it keeps their minds healthy.

What does ‘dog problem-solving’ mean?

It’s what it says on the tin: it’s how your dog solves problems.

An example could be if you put a piece of food in a box with the lid on.

How would your dog get it out? An active mind helps your dog handle problems better.

What do we know about dog problem-solving?

Dogs used to be excellent problem solvers to survive.

But humans have made it too easy for them. Scientists observed dogs attempting the example above.

They gave up in-credibly quickly and went to the nearest human for help.

Only 10% of the dogs in this test managed to solve the puzzle.

Scientists did the same with wolves. They were more persistent, solving the problem 80% of the time.

It shows dogs rely too much on humans.

What are the benefits of increasing my dog’s problem-solving skills?

Keeping your dog constantly stimulated will make your time with them more enjoyable.

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While playing these games, you will have a stronger bond with your dog.

Increase your dog’s problem-solving skills will allow them to cope better with new environments and situations.

It benefits both the owner and dog to play these games.

So, let’s have a look at some suggestions!

How do you play ‘Stimulating the Nose’?

Even if they’re not good at problem-solving, domestic dogs still have a powerful sense of smell.

So let’s use it!
Create a puzzle where your dog has to find food.

Make different obstacles; it will improve their ability to solve more problems.

Use boxes or containers to build a short maze. Rubbing scent on some of them will give hints on which route they should take.

You could put a smell on the boxes, so they know which to choose.

How can you ‘Play Like A Dog’?

Observe the way dogs play with each other.

They chase things and each other. They will run around. Use these natural instincts.

If you have a breed of gun dog or terrier, you’ll know dogs love hunting.

Dangle a stuffed animal on a string around your dog. This should get their interest.

If it isn’t enough, put food on it. We know that will work!

Make it seem alive by moving it a tiny bit. Throwing it all over the place will seem fake.

If you move it too much, the dog will get tired and fail to stimulate them.

This exercise will teach you more about your pet, creating a stronger bond.

Games like this are beneficial for knowing your dog.

I love Hide and Seek! Can I play this with my dog?

Yes, of course! Even the newest dog owner will know this game.

It combines fun and discipline. For this, you need to make sure your dog understands the commands ‘stay’ and ‘come.’

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Once your dog knows these, you can start playing.

Use the ‘stay’ command and go hide. Then call them to you.

It’s fun to listen to your dog searching. They’re so happy when they find you!

Once your dog is good at this, increase the distance and difficulty.

Eventually, you can go to unknown places, like large parks.

This creates a challenge, which is what you’re looking for. You’ll improve your dog’s problem-solving.

But take it one step at a time. If you make it difficult too soon, your dog will get frustrated.

Are these the only games I can play with my dog?

Of course not! They’re just a suggestion — inspiration to think of other games.

Use your imagination! Tailor games to match your dog’s beautiful personality.

Can I buy toys to improve my dog’s problem-solving?

Yes. There are plenty of toys to help keep your dog’s mind active.

You can find them online or in a pet shop.

But if you’re worried about money, you don’t need to buy them.

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You can make your own toys. It’s great if you’re particularly crafty.

You can make toys from simple household items. Put treats or food in plastic bottles.

Your dog will have to figure out how to get it out.

Can I increase an older dog’s problem-solving skills?

It’s better if you can start these kinds of activities when your dog is a puppy.

It’s best to begin stimulating their brain as early as possible.

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But it doesn’t mean you can’t do these with an older dog.

It’ll build their confidence and their ability to adapt to new environments.

Use these games to increase your dog’s problem-solving abilities.

It’s enjoyable for both you and your dog and will stimulate their mind. Go play with your dog now!

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