What is Dog Training Clicker?

One of the most exciting devices to train your dog with is the clicker.

If you haven’t used a dog training clicker before, you’ll be amazed by what it can help you achieve in your dog’s training.

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A dog training clicker is a hand-held device that’s mainly mechanical.

It’s used to make a sharp, distinct sound that is short and high pitched.

It’s used to drive positive behavior in dogs. When you click the button on the device, a beep sound comes out.

Dog owners can use the device’s simple mechanism to notify the dogs that they are pleased with their actions in the moment of those actions.

You can instill good behavior in your dogs by combining the simple but useful application of this device with treats and commendations.

Application of the Dog Training Clicker

When you find your dog following the instruction you previously gave it, or it’s doing other things you want, click the button.

Every time it follows the instructions, click to affirm your approval of such actions.

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It won’t take long before your dog understands what you approve of and those you disapprove of.

The most exciting thing about the device is how you don’t have to waste your energy.

Accompany using a dog training clicker with things that make your dog associate a pleasant experience with the sound.

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If your dog knows that staying out of and showing compliance would cause the sound to come and it’ll get another opportunity for treats.

A clicker trainer is observed to naturally experience more success in getting the dogs to obey commands than a traditional trainer.

This is due to a clicker trainer patiently instilling the behavior to ensure the dogs understood the command and things associated with it instead of the traditional trainer that tries to force compliance from dogs with words, which is confusing for dogs most times.

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For effective training, use the clicker in sessions when training your dog.

It’s crucial to remember that a clicker is only used to affirm the correctness of a dog’s actions and not otherwise.

Each training session can span 3 minutes to one hour, then you allow the dog long hours before the sessions.

Using A Clicker for Bad Behavior

A Clicker should be used to instill good behavior only and can’t be used to correct bad behavior.

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When you train pets, they comply more with positive training than they do with negative training techniques.

Positive training is usually more successful because of the treats, play, and commendation involved.

A negative training technique can withdraw a dog from its owner and make it even more unruly.

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