What are the Top 10 Smartest Dogs?

Do you ever wonder if your dog belongs to an ‘intelligent breed’?

If you want to know if a dog has above average intelligence, there are many forms in gauging the dog’s intelligence standard.

Most intellectual dog breeds have remarkable skills in learning new commands and get bored easily than others, and these dogs need more pampering and attention.

Examples of dogs good in basic commands are bred for herding, hunting, or retrieving.

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Take note that not all of them can be more clingy than other pet dogs but rest assured that they can be the most reliable dogs you can have.

Here are the well-known ten smartest dogs and essential facts you should learn about them.

Australian Cattle Dog

The boundless energy of this breed excels at its alertness, resourcefulness, and smartness.

This kind of dog loves challenges or can quickly get bored and turns into mischief to get your attention.

Give them a new set of new skills to learn to hone their inner potentials innate to them.

They are very protective of their owners so that you would feel secure with them.

One remarkable trait of Australian Cattle Dogs is their organizational skills in recognizing

things in their proper places.

You can trust them to get your pieces of stuff and bring them back in order.


They were known in Germany as Rottweiler Metzgerhund or Rotweil butcher’s dog because of their primary function in helping Germans on their herd livestock.

They are considered a robust working breed with great strength that can be most reliable at home and work.

In modern days, they serve as police or guard dogs, especially in rescue operations.

Their looks seem very scary, but pet owners prefer them with their great affection and serve as protectors and playmates within the family circle.

They take care of the family very well in terms of security and joy they bring.


This breed’s sparkling personality is known as being playful and active, which loves human companionship.

Their tough look cannot compensate for their cuteness overload.

With their great stamina, they can go with their pet owners for a long walk.

Have vital energy to keep up with their agility.

Their protective instinct makes them dependable as watchdogs, so household owners need not worry if they are away from home.

Their intelligence is their adaptability to any situations that make them a highly trainable breed of dogs.

Labrador Retriever

The loveable and sweet face of Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds.

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They are outgoing, loving, and high spirited companions and preferred by most families.

Not only that, they are companionable housemates who can bond and socialize like humans, but their easygoing personality also comes with their sturdy strength.

Policemen use Labrador to assist them in search and rescue operations and assisting people with disabilities.

They can help in any emergencies as they can easily observe human behaviors and repeat these behaviors for training purposes.

Labrador Retrievers are not only lovable dogs but the most dependable breed you can have.

Shetland Sheepdog

This breed is known as a stood guard of farmers in the Shetland Islands and serves as herding dogs.

Today, breeders consider them as one of the pet dogs with their loyalty and devotion to the family pet owner.

Their affectionate nature seems to be pleasing and their smartness in which they can be mentally and physically stimulated to do certain tasks.

They are fast and efficient trained dogs you can own.

Not only that, they are always excited and willing to please.

Their attachment to the pet family owners is genuinely astonishing.

Doberman Pinscher

The keen intelligence of Doberman Pinscher comes with their sleek and powerful physique.

They are originated in Germany and bred as mainly guard dogs.

Their fearlessness made them known as the finest protection dogs.

Their athletic built and highly energized characteristics make them reliable as family guardians.

They are well trained with their unique qualities to patrol and easily deter any house intruders.

Golden Retriever

This muscular and sturdy breed is famous for its adeptness to learn over 200 commands from its trainer.

Golden Retriever dogs are not only friendly and but most intelligent breeds.

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They can please their dog owners with their joyous and playful approach.

Considered to be a trustworthy dog companion and competitive as a trained dog.

Their tolerant attitude and intelligence make them capable of both pet and working dogs.

Not only do they excel as hunters, patrol dogs, but Golden Retrievers are also easy to train by ordinary families without a pet training background.

German Shepherd

The noble character of this breed comes with high intelligence and noble character as the finest all-purpose dog worker.

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German Sheperd dogs’ loyalty, confidence, courage, and ability to learn more tasks make them a reliable herd, police dogs or guard dogs, and can be seen in any rescue operations.

They can easily learn and adapt to their environment with few repetitions of new skill sets.


This breed stands with elegance, proudness, and smartness.

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It is said that Poodle dogs descend from Germany as a water dog which can also hunt birds.

They are also famous circus performers with their charming tricks to have playtime with humans.

They are extremely intelligent pet dogs and great companions for all seasons.

Also worth mentioning the charm they exude with their looks and prestige.

Border Collie

Between Scotland and England, the Border Collie dog breed controlled the sheep’s flock as an excellent herd dog.

This kind of dog has unlimited stamina and energy, which you need to match if you decide to own one.

They are highly trainable and intelligent with their agility.

So either for a family companion or trained dogs for work purposes, you will feel comfortable owning Border Collie but beware not to be outsmarted with their wit and charm.

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