What Are The Initial Signs Of Kidney Failure In Dogs?

What Are The Initial Signs Of Kidney Failure In Dogs?

Kidneys are crucial organs in the body.

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Their role in the body is to regulate the concentration of salt and water in the body.

Kidney problems can lead to the collapse of the entire body, leading to the dog’s death.

What are the Causes of kidney failure?

Kidney failure can result from several reasons.

They include obstruction in the urinary tract, inhibition of oxygen from reaching the kidneys, a decline in blood flow to the organs, and some infections.

Some types of medication can also lead to the kidneys becoming overwhelmed hence casing its shutdown.

Consuming products that contain certain toxins can also lead to the collapse of the organs.

Chronic kidney diseases are challenging to detect since they develop over a while.

Acute problems, however, if caught in their early stages, can be easier to manage.

Sometimes bacteria found in various types of dental diseases may find their way into the bloodstream.

This causes dire consequences to the kidney.

Their effect on several organs, including the heart and lungs, may sometimes be irreversible.

What are the Initial signs?

When the dog has kidney failure, the owner may notice several changes in the dog.

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These areas listed below

– The amount of water the dog consumes might increase a great deal.

– The number of urine decreases

– They may emit a pungent chemical smell in their breath

– They may experience a low level of appetite

– The dog may exhibit symptoms of depression

– Later on, the owner may notice that the dog becomes wobbly and has difficult In movement

– They may start to vomit

– Their urine might have stains of blood

– The gums become pale, and the mouth gets ulcers

– Eventual weight loss

Different breeds, when exposed to various conditions, are more prone to get renal failure.

These breeds include Samoyed, the Bull Terrier, German shepherd, the Cairn Terrier, and English Cocker Spaniel.

With these breeds, early identification of the problem will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

How is the disease treated?

Usually, the vet decides what to use when, depending on the symptoms and what seems to be the cause.

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The common treatments are

– Medicines that speed up and increase the production of urine

– Management of abnormalities in the blood contents and concentration

– Dialysis

– Fluid therapy

– More specified treatments in cases of poisoning

If the pet has progressed into chronic kidney failure, you will have to monitor its progress.

This process is done with several checkups at the veterinary clinic.

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You are also required to change the mode of treatment when needed.

It is vital to watch out for early stages to increase their chances of survival.

Kidney failure can be fatal.

It is your duty as a dog owner to protect your pet and take good care of them.

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Be in a position to identify some of the early signs of kidney failure so that you can save your dog.

You should also know the causes to avoid them and be aware of the treatment if your dog gets sick.

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