What Are the Factors To Consider as a Dog Breeder?


Are the parents of the puppy BTD registered?

BTD is a test of the temperament, the health, and the type of the dog’s parent.

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This aims to ensure that one gets a good puppy in terms of health and any other issues.

What Provisions Should I Look For in the contract agreement?

A lot of people sign contracts without fully understanding what is in them or what they are getting themselves into.

Sometimes some clauses may be misinterpreted, and this may lead to significant disagreements in the future.

It is, therefore, important to thoroughly go through all the clauses, interpreting them word afterword.

The breeder’s contract stipulates that the breeder holds all rights to the dog.

Whoever buys the dog is referred to as the adopter.

He/she is allowed to take care of the dog but is never granted full ownership.

This can be a good thing since sometimes there are cases where the dog may suffer from chronic or severe diseases, and the adopter is allowed to return it to the breeder.

However, sometimes the government may intervene and recognize the adopter as having full ownership.

This step ensures they take full responsibility and pay for all their utilities.

What after services are expected to be provided?

The breeder should provide support services for the dog at all times whenever they are required.

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The breeder should readily take back the dog if the adopter returns it.

This may be due to unforeseen illnesses, and he/she should not charge extra fees for this.

In cases of rehoming, the dog should be picked up at no extra charges.

Hip scores

You should add either side of the hip.

The lower the hip score is, the better it is for you.

The ratings are rated from one going onwards.

Aim for number one; never pick one that ranks below number ten.

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When purchasing a puppy, consider asking to see its parents.

Sometimes the grandparents are not present but ensure that they are on the birth certificate.

Never buy a puppy without first examining its parents.

How much time is allowed for a viewing?

With your When viewing a dog, aim to see whether it integrates residence.

Some breeders allow as much time as you need. Others dictate the amount of time.

Whichever the case, try as much as you can to determine whether it fits or resonates with your needs within the stipulated time.

What Education programs are available for puppies?

Before buying a puppy, ensure that it has been adequately trained.

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The training should include weaning, socialized with other dogs and strangers.

Some breeders provide for these while others do not. Buy what suits you most.

Other things to consider

The breeder should be able to provide up to date data on vaccines, deworming, flea treatment, and any other issues concerning the well being of the dog.

Ensure that you have had all the paperwork reviewed first and that you leave with the right documentation.

Inquiries before buying a dog

Below are questions you can ask before buying a dog.

• Are they recognized by the government to be in the business of selling? Are their licenses in order?
• Do the animal welfare officers approve/
• Consider their history
• Do they have memberships in any business federations?
• Are the breeders qualified? What is their experience?
• Are their breeds the best?
• Have the dog’s DNA been screened for any genetic illnesses?
• Are contract agreements on offer?
• What’s their stand on rehoming services in case the dog is returned?

When you decide to buy a dog, ensure that its parents are registered to keep track of health records.

Ensure you read the contract thoroughly so that you get all the information.

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You should also be able to offer support services to the dog and, when viewing a dog, aim to see whether it integrates well with your residence.

Also, ensure that the puppy is well trained to avoid inconveniences in the future.

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