What are the Basic Commands Your Dog Should Learn?

Having a well trained and skilled dog gives a fulfilling experience to both the dog and the owner.

Dogs tend to please their master, and the best way to achieve this is by giving them some proper training.

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In this article, we look at some of the best tips on how to train your dog.

It is recommended that you start training your dog from a tender age.

Puppies are curious and easy to prepare, and the best age to teach them should be between three to four months since they are still in their learning stage.

At this stage, it is effortless to incorporate the behavior you want in your dog.

What are the necessary steps?

Training requires a lot of patience.

Remember, you are introducing your dog to new ideologies that are not part of his life.

Don’t expect instant results as this should be a routine that should be repeated daily for some time to yield results.

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After some time, and when you are confident that your dog is catching up, you can then introduce some new ideas.

It has been proven that positive reinforcement is the best method of training a dog.

Instead of punishing your dog for doing something wrong, try rewarding the good behavior you want it to adopt.

It is easy to get carried away when you see all the complex tasks that a dog can carry out.

This excitement can cause you to want to omit the first steps in your quest to please your buddies, but these are not necessary.

Basic training should include toilet training and obedience, and this is what you should be keen on.

What is Toilet Training?

This is the most vital part of the training, especially if you have your dog living indoors.

It is quite apparent why this should be a priority training because you don’t want your pet messing around the house.

Although you can’t get the results overnight, it is easier to start this training earlier in your dogs.

First, confine the puppy in a small enclosed area, and as they get used to the idea, you can move them to be with you more often.

Ensure to check on the puppy more often to see what they need or where they need to go.

You must take the puppy out every hour, and if they understand that they have to pee outdoors only or at a designated spot, then make sure you reward their good behavior with treats and plenty of praise.

If you implement the routine correctly, they will quickly identify the scent and recognize the spot to relieve themselves.

Have a regular mealtime schedule so that the toilet schedule becomes more predictable.

This practice will make your work more comfortable, but you will have to give up treats and other snacks between meals.

Is Obedience Training Necessary?

Nobody wants an indisciplined pet dog around them.

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Apart from being wild, they could also do a lot of damage or even threaten the community around them.

For this reason, in your dog’s basic training, you should involve obedience training to make your pet dog more gentle and easy to interact with.

The obedience training in dogs works so well since they like to please their owner.

However, there are some basic commands that a dog should respond to, like; sit, stay, drop, and heel.

Training your pet to sit helps keep him docile in all situations.

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This is very important and should be a priority training aside from essential toilet training, especially if you have your dog indoors to avoid messy surroundings.

When you command your dog to “DROP,” you are merely telling him to drop whatever is in his mouth.

This could be life-saving as the dog could sink its teeth into something harmful.

After your dog has mastered this command, it is effortless to play games with him that involves him catching something with his teeth.

Such games as a tug of war become fun and enjoyable between you and your dog.

Your dog will respond to “STAY” by walking around or playing without you having to supervise him.

When you command your dog to “HEEL,” you are telling him to walk beside you without looking up to you for instructions.

The “COME” command is essential, especially before taking him out in public places.

When he starts to recognize his name, it becomes elementary to respond to the command.

With this command, you are telling your dog to move closer to you.

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Your dog should use the toilet the right way to relieve himself and respond well to the obedience training.

Make sure that your dog understands well the command to stay, heel, drop, and come.

This way, you can be assured that you and your dog are doing to have a smooth stay together.

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