Training Your Dog For Best Behavior

Training Your Dog For Best Behavior

Is your dog giving you a hard time?

Dog behaviors start developing from an early age.


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And if your dog isn’t behaving well enough to keep him/her around, the problem is with you.

Dogs reciprocate with their owner’s behavior.

So, your dog will behave the way you behave with him/her. If you fail to understand his/her point of view, s/he will fail to act the way you expect him/her to.

So, here are some tips to help you train your dog for best behavior:

How to use positive reinforcements to train your dog:

Positive reinforcements are the best way to train a dog.

The reward and consequence method helps your dog to identify his/her mistakes quickly. It is also very efficient when it comes to redirecting a behavior.

So, what are positive reinforcements?

Treats! The best form of reward for a dog is a treat. So every time your dog behaves or does according to your instructions, reward him/her with a treat.

Pedigree or smart hearts are great treats. But there are plenty of other options available in the market.


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Positive reinforcements can also be something as simple as saying Good boy or Good job.

You can reward your dog with love and toys every time s/he does something good.

How to use body language and vocals to communicate with your dog:

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing. And they pick up on body language very quickly.

Whenever your dog fails to perform, use your voice to show disapproval.

Use hand gestures to signal a No.

Never use physical punishment for submission. Booting your puppy or hitting him/her with a rolled-up paper or a belt will only make him/her more aggressive.

Moreover, physical punishments instill fear into dogs. This eventually turns into aggression resulting in disobedience.

How to redirect your dog and provide alternative options:

Some dogs have chewing habits.


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Some are high-energy dogs and tend to jump on sofas and run around, bumping into everything.

The best way to deal with any unwanted behavior is to use redirection.

High-energy dogs need a channel to release pent up energy. Going on walks and swimming can help with that.


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Daily cardio for high-energy dogs will help bring down their energy level.

Now, addressing the chewing habit- you have to provide alternatives. Dogs chew on stuff, from the teething age till they are a grown-up.

Some dogs grow out of it, and some don’t.

The only way to solve the problem is by providing them with toys to chew on rather than furniture, beds, and sometimes your fingers.

Look for regular toys or edible chewing toys (that lasts for months) in near-by pet stores.

Place the toy in your puppy’s bed. Introduce the toy every time he/she starts to chew on unwanted things.

Should you use a pet corrector for your dog?

Pet correctors are an efficient way to distract your puppies and grab their attention.


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They usually spray a puff of gas and emit white noise. It helps redirect your dog’s concentration towards you.

Pet correctors are effective and have been proven to train dogs out of the worst of habits.

You can find one in almost all pet stores nowadays.

Training is a fun experience for both the dog and the owner. But the training starts with YOU first.

If done right, it can help develop a loving relationship built on trust and respect.

So, prepare well before you bring your puppy home.

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