Top Secrets For Best Dog Food

Top Secrets For Best Dog Food

A healthy dog means a loving dog owner and a happy tummy!

There are many things to consider when finding the best food for your dogs.

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Of course, you have to factor in your budget and how your dog reacts to it.

To keep your dog healthy, they must have a complete diet.

Orijen Dog Food is among the best options out there, almost meeting the requirements of a complete food.

With a five star rating from Advisor, you can rest assured that this is a top choice for your dog food.

The best diet for your dog is homemade kibble, although it may be a bit time-consuming.

Here are some food alternatives for your dog to keep them healthy and happy.

What are the three categories of dog foods?

There are three categories of food available for your dog: raw dog food, high-quality dry dog food, and home-cooked food.

Each has its own advantages.

A raw dog food diet generally includes meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables.

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High-quality dry dog foods, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly and easy to prepare.

You can stop by your local pet store to buy dry kibble.

If you want a healthier and safer diet, you should opt for preparing your dog’s meals.

As long as you know the nutrients your dog needs, your home-cooked food will be the best option.

Compared to dry manufactured dog food, a meal personally prepared for your dog contains fewer chemicals.

What’s the best option for your dogs?

As obligate carnivores, your dogs need to eat meat.

Meat is a good source of protein that your dog needs.

However, owners who sport the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are also trying to implement the same diet for their dogs.

There may be some controversial talk about this, but vegetarian meals have pros and cons for your dogs.

When buying food for your dog, you should refrain from buying from the supermarket.

Supermarkets are highly commercialized, and most of their products contain chemicals.

Their foods contain contaminants such as pesticides, steroids, heavy metals, which may affect your dogs’ health.

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Instead, consider buying from your local farms for healthier and fresher options.

Dogs of different breeds may also require different food types.

Many dog owners add supplements to their dogs’ meals.

If you’re searching for the best supplements, be sure to scrutinize the products and compare them with others.

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Ensure that these supplements are close to their original food state and undergo less chemical and unnatural processes.

How much should you feed your dog every meal?

If you are feeding your dog kibble, follow the recommended servings indicated in the label.

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For cooked meals, bear in mind the 40-30-30 ratio.

Your dog’s meal should consist of 40% meat (preferably organ meats), 30% vegetables, and 30% grains.

You can also feed your dog fruits, but you should also note which fruits are advisable to feed your dog.

You should also take into consideration your dog’s activity levels and its species when preparing meals.

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