Top 10 Strongest Breeds

Today you will learn about the strongest dogs in the world.

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Not only are some of them extremely cute, but others are also downright scary!

Using a scale of size and strength to get on the list, these dogs will astound you with what they can do.

Read on to discover how dogs have helped us through the years.

German Shepard

A world-renowned breed. They have become a benchmark for police forces, militaries, and rescue efforts around the globe.

They are brilliant and inquisitive.

When kept as a pet, they will need lots of attention.

They are great family pets and bond quickly.

Dogo Argentino

The Argentine Mastiff boasts of a long lineage of fighting.

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Its bloodline can be traced back to Cordoba Fighting dogs.

Large frames with white fur and a muscular body.

Dogo Argentino has generations of loyalty and power bred into them.

Alaskan Malamute

Big and affectionate, the Alaskan Malamute is designed for heavy lifting.

They make use of their bulky front half, powerful legs, and dense fur to help them pull heavy loads in the blistering cold.

They can grow extremely big and may prove a hassle if not trained from puppyhood.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is a Swiss breed, originating in the scenic Alps.

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Thick fur and large paws make this dog ideal for rescue missions.

They have gained popularity as a house pet due to tales of courage and tenacity.

English Bulldog

Hardy and stubborn these dogs have become famed for their personalities and expressions online.

This little hound has a lot of power under the hood.

This is thanks to a heritage that was bred to take down actual bulls.

Initially, they were very aggressive. Although years of successful breeding have slowly done away with their temper.


A short-fused powerhouse is the status quo for these dogs.

They were used for hunting and hauling for years.

They now see service as popular guard dogs and house pets.

They will need training from an early age to ensure safety.

These dogs tend to grow into heavy-set and temperamental adults.


The Kangal has been around for millennia.

Primarily used as herding and hunting dogs because of their size.

These dogs are known to fight off predators and protected herds and people alike.

Showing great loyalty, these gentle giants are great with kids and prove to be a good fit for any home if appropriately trained.

Carpathian Shepard

Bone breaking jaws and “larger than life” these dogs can reach immense proportions.

Bred to protect flocks of sheep.

These dogs would routinely have to fight bears and wolves for the safety of the herd.

In its prime, this dog can quickly outgrow their owner and needs adequate space.


Famous for their violent tendencies and backed with a history as a fighter breed.

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Short, squarely built, they have thick protective necks and strong hindquarters.

Recent years have given way to weight pulling competitions instead of dogfighting.

Some of these pups hauling cars and other absurd weights for sport!

They share the love that every dog does but will need a firmer training hand.

Siberian Husky

Last but not least, Siberian Huskies have been helping humans for a long time.

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Bred for the long haul, they were built with stamina in mind.

Their thick fur makes them perfect for the icy landscapes.

They would have to traverse cold regions pulling sleighs and carts.

These dogs have a history of having unmatched endurance.

Though dogsledding has subsided, they have become house favorites.

Man’s best friend

This list has proven that these are by far the strongest dogs globally, and they are all at the top of their game.

These dogs are all infamous for their hard work and amazing strength from carting loads to guarding presidents!

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