Top 10 Smartest Dogs

Top 10 Smartest Dogs

Okay. I know you love your beagle, and you probably think your dog is the most intelligent canine on your block.

But have you checked out the Doberman next door?

Oh! That animal is something else. I think he’s the real Einstein.

Dogs are the most intelligent in the animal kingdom, no debate about it, but it’s also true that others reign supreme.

American Kennel Club study suggests that many breeds for “herding and hunting” are biologically inclined to be the smartest.

However, it’s important to note that the biological aspect is not the only way to rate dogs’ intelligence.

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As canine neuropsychologist Stanley Coren wrote back in the ’90s, there are several ways to mark our beloved companion’s intelligence, i.e., working intelligence, adaptive intelligence, and intuitive intelligence.

Below is a list of smartest dogs that come top:

1. Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever is a straight A’s pooch in this intelligence race.

Yes! That’s right. He’s one of the country’s most beloved family pets.

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Originated in hunting, this dog is intelligent, eager to please, friendly, and is devoted to sports.

Golden love what they do, and they take their jobs to heart, always trying to be at their best, whether it’s a search and rescue operation or merely playing as a companion.

2. German Shepherds?

Well, with this dog, one mainly breeds to be smart and brave.

German Shepherd is the world’s leading guard, police, and military dog. No dispute.

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They love to have a purpose, hence always eager to learn new tasks and are quick to learn.

German Shepherds only need to be taught something a few times for them to grasp.

They are well-known for their ability to learn commands for different tasks hence rate so high in intelligence.

Nothing this dog cannot do; can you imagine they have even trained to jump that scary parachute in the army?

Unbelievable! They are also loyal family dogs and are great with kids.

3. Labrador Retriever?

Labrador is the most popular canine in American homes.

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Such a calm dog. Patient, gentle, intelligent, and affectionate.

They are easy to train, and because of this, they are used in police tasks, search and rescue operations, or help disabled people.

They also have the habit of observing human behaviors and repeating them, so they will learn some things you may not have wanted them to copy.

For this reason, they are ideal for emergencies.

4. Rottweiler?

Robust and powerful dog. The Germans bred to assist in aid of the laborers.

And until now, they are used as guard dogs and police work.

Look, I know how scary they look, but don’t judge yet.

You will be amused by how affectionate, and caring Rottweiler can be and make the ideal family pets.

They are brave, highly alert, loyal, and intelligent.

A devoted companion right here.

5. Doberman Pinscher?

What do people say when they see you?

Do they tell you that you look fearless and brave?

Well, when I look at this furry friend here, I mean precisely that; fearless and courageous.

No wonder that German tax collector used him for protections during his rounds.

They are intelligent, adapt to new environment easily, and are quick to train.

Doberman was used as police dogs and in wars but can be quite gentle as well.

Modern Dobermans are docile and can make wonderful family pets that are loyal and love to play.

6. Australian Cattle Dog?

Hello! Look sharp now! Because this dog can outsmart you if you are a bit rusty.

Australian is a beautiful, intelligent canine well known for such an incredible work-drive.

They are full of energy and hard-working that the experts recommend that the owners ensure these dogs are always engaged in activities as they can be mischievous.

Traditionally, their master trains them to herd cattle.

They stand odd in a pack through their resourcefulness, high intelligence, and alertness.

They are loyal, protective, and agile, always looking for new experiences.

Australian like to be aware of where everything is and work in an organized way rare trait owned by dogs.

7. Shetland Sheepdog?

I listen to jazz music a lot. If I had one of these shelties, I probably don’t need to anymore.

These adorable shelties and the love for cuddles would chase away any bad mood.

Sheltie is a working breed that is well known for their skills and intelligence herding.

Also, smart guard dogs since they bark and are suspicious of strangers.

8. Border Collie?

If you are the type of person who lazy around the couch glued to Netflix series on your TV, stay away, this pooch isn’t for you, buddy.

This canine is full of energy and can be a handful, so you need to be energetic yourself.

Collie bound well with human beings, and hence they are ideal for work and home.

Talk of Einstein on the dog planet, and that is Collie. His intelligence is unmatched.

He’s also easily adaptive to any situation.

9. Papillon?

This toy breed derives its name from its feathered ears.

He’s athletic, active, and companionable, the most intelligent of the toy canine breed.

They look small but are tough and robust.

Papillon stamina means that you can take them for long walks.

In conclusion, this is a cute and energetic dog, and one can also use it as a watchdog since they are protective of the stuff they consider to belong to them.

Also, papillons are smart and quickly adapt to any situation.

10. Poodle?

Okay, there is a lot more than just a foofoo haircut; this toy breed has consistently gotten votes among the most intelligent dog breeds.

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The poodle is a smart furry buddy initially bred in Germany for water retrieving and bird hunting.

This dog is brilliant and always loves to be in the company of human beings, and are easily trainable.

When you think of a canine friend with a sense of humor, that has to be our highly intelligent, athletic toy poodle.

They are playful as well, and often, people use them as circus performers.

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