top 10 kid-friendly dog breeds

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds (2021)

Having kids and owning a dog at the same time is quite tricky. Here is a list of the top 10 loyal and friendly dog breeds that your kids will love. Before you make up your mind on your ideal breed, here are some tips to help you strike a balance.

Finding a child- friendly dog for your kids depends on some factors. Children usually enjoy petting and playing with the dog, which can make the pet uncomfortable around them. Pets, and in particular dogs, do not want constant petting. They become angry with too much petting. If your kids enjoy petting your pets, you must find a larger dog breed. Behavior change in type depends on your dog breed. Here, your dog’s size matters a lot.

Larger pets are often gentler compared to smaller animal pets. Kids do not behave gently around dogs as they should. So, getting a more robust, kinder breed for your kids is best. Also, children remain active most of the time, so that an energetic dog will be a great companion.

Keeping a check on your lifestyle before getting a dog is also good. Dogs are very playful and active animals. A relaxed environment may cause some health complications for your pet. You can teach your kids to become responsible by walking the dog every once in a while. Remember, an active dog is a healthy dog.

A dog’s personality or temperament also depends on its breed. Calmer dog breeds are the best if you have kids at home. It means that it will be less trouble for your kids since having children is another plateful.

Now that you know what to look out for when selecting your dog breed, here is your list of top 10 dog breeds for your kids.


The Bulldog is a friendly and loyal breed, making it an excellent dog for your kids and also inexpensive to maintain. This breed needs minimal grooming, with frequent teeth cleaning being its only need. It makes up for its not-very-energetic temperament with a robust and adaptable nature. The dog’s small size and laid-back attitude make Bulldog an excellent fit for any apartment.


The Beagle is a small, calm, and intelligent dog breed that loves the outdoors. This dog was for bred hunting due to its energetic and smart capabilities. It has a vibrant, active nature. Your kids can never tire the Beagle by playing around with it. A Beagle in your house makes for a great companion since it enjoys exploring the outdoors. Their intelligent nature also makes the breed great with pets. The Beagle sheds its fur. So, it needs frequent bathing and brushing to remain healthy and spotless.

Bull Terrier

While some consider the Bull Terrier an aggressive dog, it is an amiable and caring breed. Bred as companion dogs, the dog needs proper training. Involving your children in training the dog makes for great bonding times. It also makes the dog more active and reduces the Terrier’s naughty behavior. Teach your children to become responsible by training your Bull Terrier.


Collie generally refers to several classifications of the Bearded or Border Collie. Bred as herding dogs, Collies and are very easy to train. They are also protective and very loyal to family members. While the Collie is a caring breed, their sensitive nature also makes them stubborn. It usually happens when they do not receive proper training. Collies’ hair grows long. Hence, they need frequent grooming to remain clean and healthy.


The massive size of the Newfoundland breed may trick you into a different opinion of the dog. It is an intelligent dog breed. Apart from its imposing nature, this dog is also patient, gentle, and kind around its loved ones. The species is very purposeful, hence the need to remain active. Newfoundland is also trainable and usually bonds with family. This dog breed enjoys playing in the outdoors. Keep your Newfoundland indoors for invaluable attachment with the family.


The Vizsla is the smallest all-round pointer-retriever, sporting dog. This dog breed has its roots in Hungary. It is medium size, hence the perfect hunter. Vizsla’s are also affectionate, loyal, gentle, and trainable, with their intelligence enabling them to form strong family bonds as great household and family companions. These dogs are also very energetic. The breed needs regular physical and mental stimulation for your kids to enjoy.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter, known as the “red” setter, gets along with children and other dogs. Being a hunting breed, the “red setter” may show a dislike for cats. Other than that, this breed is very affectionate and loves greeting all visitors in your home. It is a very trainable and energetic breed that enjoys the company of its folks. The Irish Setter is a perfect fit if you have a yard since it needs plenty of exercise to remain active.


Poodles are adorable due to their curly hair. Apart from their beauty, they are also brilliant dogs. Ranging from miniature to standard sizes, you can find the perfect Poodle for your home. While the Poodle is generally shy around strangers, the standard breed is obedient. Its miniature version can become attached to one person. The species is also very playful, respectful, and great with kids and require frequent grooming. It is necessary for you if you are allergic since Poodles have little fur shedding.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a modern breed. It is re-known for its reliability, intelligence as well as patience. It is playful and will make your kids very active since it needs plenty of exercise. This dog is also great with other animals. It is also very protective around family members and a very reliable companion. Labrador Retrievers have a short coat covering. Weekly combing sessions on this dog will do the trick.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the most popular breed among most families today. Its patience, intelligence, and loyalty make it a great species to keep around your kids. The dog breed is an energetic, easy to train, affectionate companion, leading to its growing popularity. The Golden Retriever is also very active. Playing a game of fetch with your children comes second to nature for this dog breed. True to its name, this breed enjoys retrieving things for you, becoming a great companion in your home.

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