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Top 10 Blogs About Dogs (2021)

Do you enjoy keeping a pet and, in particular, dogs? If yes, then you need to familiarize yourself with these interesting top 10 blogs about dogs. Internet search engines often change to match to provide your most relatable content. Such an event may make it harder to find older blogs or content completely disappearing.

The change happens when the publishing of newer, more exciting content occurs. Moving on, you no longer have to worry about missing out on the most critical blogs disappearing from you.

Here is a compilation of the best ten trending dog blogs across the internet for 2021.

Labrador Training HQ

For people interested in Labradors, this is the best destination for them to start. Their posts range from health topics to training tips for these dog breeds. Posts also deal with your pet’s behavior monitoring issues that keep your pet in dominant form. The site offers a great information hub to serve the increase in Labrador Retriever Owners.

The site covers training and behavior discussions. They also provide a variety of information on dog products and supplies. The site has an exclusive Labrador Retriever background. While such is the case on this site, other dog breed owners can find their content informative.

>Dog Tipper

A professional writing couple is the author of this blog. These two have written 33 pet and travel books together. Apart from writing, they also own a dog store, with a pet collection from different parts of the world.

They also give out about ten percent of their income to pet rescues they feature here. Their content includes tips on traveling with your pet. They also have original posts on suggestions for you and your pet to have more fun. You can visit their blog daily since they have regular posts to keep you well informed.

Design Milk: Where Dogs Meet Design

Jaime Derringer is the founder of the blog. His source of inspiration was to provide a platform for the modern dog lover. The site is only an information hub on dog products and does not sell any dog products. Modern dog lovers can find new products here, too.

They can also discover what happens across the chain of pet stores. The site is an excellent source of inspiration for inclined dog lovers. They post their content thrice a week. Posts range from do-it-yourself topics to traveling guides and dog products.

Dog Shaming

An impressive website that is offering dog owners an avenue to post their dog pictures. As the name suggests, the site lets dog owners tell exciting stories about their pet’s cunning nature.

From sharing adorable pet photos, some members share stories on how naughty the pet has been. It is a funny site, inviting pet lovers worldwide to share in the fun that goes along with keeping a pet.

Modern Dog magazine

While this site does not post content, you can find plenty of content on dogs. Dog lovers can find training and rescue information. The site also covers dog wellness, recipes, and do it yourself guides on preparing your dog food.

They also have an extra product review part, covering gear and toys for your pet and travel guides. Their photo contest provision gives room for you to post excellent photos about your pet. These contests can make your pet become the next big thing. Check them out on this site and begin your pet’s road to stardom!

The Bark Magazine

It is an award-winning magazine that covers the latest trending news on dog culture. The site has existed since 1977. They have plenty of inspiring and informative content that you can enjoy. By posting every day of the week, their blog remains very active.

They publish their magazine four times every year. Check out their motto, “Dog is my co-pilot,” as you dive into their content.

Adopt a Pet

It is the largest non-profit pet adoption site. The site has over 13,000 public and private animal shelters and humane societies. The site remains the best first stop for anyone looking to have a new pet join their family.

They offer brilliant advice on adopting a pet as opposed to buying one. The site does not post its content on the regular. They make up for this with useful dog content and some funny cartoons on their site.

The Whole Dog Journal

It is an excellent site for you if you are looking for optimal care for your pet. It is a very professional site focused on reviewing dog food, care products, and dog toys. They also have a very active community. Here you will receive training tips on your pet’s wellness. While they post once a week, you will enjoy their resourceful articles.

Life with Dogs

This site looks for the most relevant videos and news about dogs. They also have a cat version site for the same. They enjoy having a twist of fun in their stories and have some emotional stories that tear up your eyes.

By focusing on stories and news in the entire world, you will always remain up to date here. Starting as a personal blog, you will have great content to keep you up to date. It is a very active site featuring regular posts to keep you abreast of your pet all day, every day.


It contains exciting content that concentrates on your pet’s behavior, health, and lifestyle. They own a shop, a blog, and a forum. This site also has unique dog-themed products. They also support rescue organizations and animal shelters as well. With plenty of posts each week, you will enjoy tons of great content from them.

Dog lovers will appreciate their professional feel, good intent, and a wonderful community. The site remains the modern dog lovers’ first stop.

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