Top 10 Best Looking Dogs

Top 10 Best Looking Dogs

Dogs and humans mostly have great relationships. It is usually “love at first sight”. It turns out that the only problem most people have with dogs is choosing which one to get.

They are all ADORABLE, am I right? It is hard to pick the perfect fit for yourself.

There are big, small, fluffy, lazy, active, and all these other dogs. With differences in hair color, size, and character, all dogs seem great.

Some need outdoor space. Others are OK with spending all day in an apartment.

So which one should you get? Maybe our TOP 10 list can help you find your perfect match!

Yorkshire Terrier

Which is the most popular toy dog in the United States, you ask?

Well, here it is right here. Because it’s so tiny and charming, the Yorkshire Terrier takes that #1 spot!

One thing you should know is that they aren’t that great with children unless you train them properly. You should be on the lookout when taking them for a walk.

These little guys think they are way bigger than they are, so they often pick fights with larger dogs.

They will bring you TROUBLE unless they meet other dogs from a young age.

But they are tiny and cute, basically toys.

So if you live alone in an apartment, this breed might be perfect for you.


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This breed is petite and very popular. How wouldn’t it be when it’s so FLUFFY?

Pomeranians are like that because they have a dense double coat which will shed a lot, so you must brush them often.

These cuties can be a few different colors like red, lavender, cream, sable, orange, or even chocolate.
All they want to do is please you. Isn’t that great?

Love makes them protective and suspicious when they are meeting
someone new.

Great for families and playing in the back yard and the apartment.


Lazy but ADORABLE. The perfect way to describe bulldogs.

If you aren’t used to them, they might not be that appealing to you when you first see them.

Nevertheless, the popularity of this breed keeps on growing because of its uniqueness.

Bulldogs are caring and trustworthy, which makes them fantastic with kids.

They like chilling at home more than being active.

If you don’t have a lot of time, they might be the right choice for you.


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Dobermans are known as guard dogs, which makes them very athletic, attentive, and committed. Because they are so athletic, you need to keep them active so they would stay in shape physically and mentally.

These guys want to run! They want to stay close because they are looking out for you.

This also means you should train them from an early age so they would be friendly and not hurt anyone.

Great Dane

They might seem enormous, but they are quite sensitive.

All they want to do is make you happy. A trend that seems to happen with dogs in general, right?

That’s why they will try to copy your behavior and adapt to it, but also they will be deeply protective of you.

People might be a little cautious when they see such a big dog.

That’s why you should let them meet your pet right away.

Fun fact: kids love them because they remind them of Scooby-Doo.

Everybody’s favorite dog while growing up!

Saint Bernard

This breed is the one you shouldn’t keep in your apartment because even though they are beautiful, they are HUGE.

People call them “gentle giants” often, and here’s why.

These enormous dogs can weigh up to 50kg but aren’t playful and they might be stubborn unless you train them on time. Since they are very muscular and powerful, they can save your life.

Saint Bernards are peaceful and tender also, which makes them great for families.

They come from Switzerland and can predict avalanches.

They might be a perfect choice if you live in the mountains.


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Labrador Retriever

Pretty lively and needs a lot of exercises to stay in shape.

Their coat is perfect for water which makes them great swimmers.

Nevertheless, they don’t care if it’s land or water as long as they get to play around.

These guys love chewing on stuff, so if you don’t have toys or bones around, your shoes or carpet may take that role.

German Shepherd

Loyal, confident, and trainable are some of the characteristics that make them perfect guard dogs.

This is the reason why you mostly see them as police or military dogs.

Very intelligent and easily trainable, so you will start seeing them as more than just protection.

These beautiful creatures become very loving after training and would make a great addition to your family, even though at first look they may seem dangerous and tough.

Golden Retriever

The color of their hair makes them one of the most beautiful breeds on the planet.

The hair, although beautiful, will shed all year long, so you must brush them often.

Their character, beauty, and intelligence make them one of the most popular breeds in the world.

They stay puppies until the age of four, so they are very comical and charming. And we really mean PUPPIES, cause these guys will be like big babies!

After some light training, they are ideal as rescue dogs, as they are extremely loyal.

Siberian Husky

Who wouldn’t like a trained WOLF?

The most attractive breed in the world because of their almond-shaped eyes and similarities with wolves.

They have a thicker coat than most breeds, which makes them great for colder weather. Operating at all times, so they are great if you like to be physically active.

Being smart and easily trainable makes them great for families with kids.

Which breed is your pick?

So that was our top 10 best looking dogs, I hope our list helped you decide what dog to get.

What was your favorite breed out of the bunch? Or maybe you know of some that we didn’t include in our list.

Either way, you can let us know by leaving a comment below.

We’ll make sure to check that out.

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