Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Hiking With Your Dog

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Hiking With Your Dog

Do you love your dog?

I know you do. And because of this, you have to make sure your four-legged friend is happy.

Leaving him behind and alone in the house while you take a hike with your friends will not make him happy.


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Therefore, your canine will appreciate it if you thought of sparing your time and taking a hike with him. A walk to that local mountain will no doubt prove a big treat.

The idea of a trip to the mountain with your dog may sound intimidating. However, with proper planning and preparation, it is a hike worth undertaking.

Below are some of the critical considerations that need taking into account.

Pre-hike Training for Both of You

The most important tip for preparing for a hike with your dog is making sure that both you and your dog are suitably fit and in a position to undertake the challenge.


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You must also ensure that your dog can heed your basic commands such as stop, sit, stay, lie, and come.

You don’t want to be in a situation where your dog runs away not to come back on your way up the hill in the middle of nowhere.

Choose a Route that Suits Both You and Your Dog

Once you have done the training and clear in your mind of where you want to go for a hike, find out if dogs are allowed in that trail and whether they have specific guidelines on leashes or not.

Often, there is more than one trail that leads up to the summit of the mountain.


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Some sections can be very rocky and steep that can be hard for your dog. You need to choose one that is less of a challenge.

Pack Adequate Food and Drink

Packed food and drinks are part and parcel of the hike.

I can’t imagine anyone setting up for a hike up the mountain without something to eat and drink.

Therefore, it makes sense that the most vital element is food and drink when it comes to packing for a hike.


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Dogs use up energy quicker than humans. It’s only right that you carry enough food and water.

Regular dog food and high energy snacks should be okay for your canine alongside a giant bottle of water.

To maximize space in your bag, you can purchase a collapsible dog bowl; they are quite portable and help conserve space.

Carry Bags for Dog Mess

Now, this is important.

When you decide to climb up that local hill with your dog, ensure you carry bags for your dog’s mess.

You don’t want to leave a trace that you were walking that trail with a dog. It would be best if you left behind a clean environment the way you found it.

The dirt does not only come from dogs poop but also from the remains of the food you carried and its packaging bags.

Do not be careless and leave the trashes all over the place. Be a responsible hiker and properly dispose of this trash.

Some routes have dog mess bins set up, but you have to make it back home to dispose of yourself on most occasions.

Dog mess bags are affordable and are available in large rolls that can easily fit into your backpack.

Pay Attention to Your Dog

You need to keep a close eye on your canine throughout the entire course of the hike.


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Look out for the signs of tiredness, fatigue, and even injury. You can avoid fatigue by taking many breaks along the way.

Use the breaks to freshen up with drinks and energy snacks.

Remember, hiking with your canine should be taken as a journey.

So, don’t be eager to wind up the hiking as quickly as you possibly can.

Enjoy Yourself

After considering the above guidelines, the last thing you need to do is make sure you enjoy the hike.

The essence of this hike is to have a nice walk to the hills with your pet.

Enjoy the available views, pleasant smell of flowers and plants.

Also, record the moment by taking pictures with your canine friend.

In conclusion, depending on how you prepare yourself will determine how the hike’s experience will be with your dog.

Therefore, always ensure that your dog is fit and can heed your commands.

Do not forget to carry necessities like food, drinks, and dog mess bags.

Enjoy the hike with your dog.

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