The Worlds Fastest Dogs Greyhounds

The Worlds Fastest Dogs Greyhounds

There’s no doubt that running is in every dog’s blood. But for the Greyhound, it is everything.

Ask any greyhound owner, and they will tell you that running is their pawed pal’s favorite activity.

Answers vary between breeds, from dogs that tend to be lazy to dogs that don’t stop for days. But the Greyhound still holds the speed record.


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Though these dogs are primarily famous for their racing capabilities, they have softer attributes as well. They are surprisingly well suited to family life, including playing with the kids.

Read on to learn about what makes the fastest dogs in the world so great!

What are the different types and characteristics of greyhounds?

With long legs and sleek bodies, these dogs were built to run at high speeds, and they are perfect for racing. They can weigh up to 80 pounds, and you can expect them to live for 10 to 13 good years.

The Greyhounds’ streamlined body makes it great for sprinting. They can reach intense speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, making it the world’s fastest dog.

Greyhounds can be found in a variety of different colors. All greyhounds have short fur.

The colors range from earthy tones of black, brown and red, to lighter blues, whites, and tans. Some of them even have a patchwork coat of these shades of color.

Apart from this, they have a secret gift for family life. This is not very common in dog breeds that are bred for performance. But the Greyhound is intelligent and a very affectionate breed.


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Friendly personalities and a love of playing make them ideal friends for children. This has garnered them a new reputation as pets instead of sport dogs.

What is the history of the Greyhound breed?

These beautiful dogs came to be in the Middle East about 8000 years ago. This makes the Greyhound an ancient among breeds!

Evidence suggests that they were first used by Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. It wasn’t long before they spread to the rest of the world.

In the 9th century, the Greyhounds were introduced into Europe. After 400 years, the 13th century saw its arrival in America via the Spanish explorers.


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Greyhounds were used only as hunting and coursing dogs in the beginning, and only now in the more recent years, has it been adapted for racing and family friends.

How should you take care of Greyhounds?

Seeing as Greyhounds shed their fur at a slow to medium rate, they won’t be needing a lot of grooming and washing. Thanks to their short hair.

This also gives them an advantage that they will only need occasional bathing, so don’t worry too much about keeping them clean.Although hyper activeness isn’t one of their traits, these dogs love running and exercise.

The moderate daily routine will keep them nice and fit and even allows them to become apartment pets.


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Their instinctual reactions are strong, though, and if left unchecked, they might try to hunt smaller animals like squirrels and rats. This means a leash is always a good idea.

Most Greyhounds are born and bred for racing, which means it might take some time to get them adapted to family life. By providing your Greyhound the proper care, exercise, and training, they should go through this transition smoothly enough.

Their friendly personalities mean that they will be trained relatively quickly.


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These dogs are intelligent as well as sensitive. By being given a peaceful house and gentle care, they prove to make excellent companions.

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