The Proper Way Of Petting Your Cat

The Proper Way Of Petting Your Cat

So, you got a cat! Great! Though unlike other things that come with a tag, this one does not have a manual.

It seems commonsensical how to pet it, right?

However, did you know that there is a proper way to do it? Yes, you read that right.

There is a proper way of petting a cat!

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Cats are sometimes moody. There are moments when they are grumpy, which is a sign that you should let them be.

At other times, they seem so sweet and clingy.

This is why it is important to know when and how to approach them. Knowing so spells the difference between a scratch and a purr.

What to observe?

The best way to know how to get warmed up with your pet is to observe.

While it is adjusting to its new home, do not try to cuddle it just yet. Watch where it goes.

Look closely at which body parts it wants to get rubbed.

Cats like to rub their face against things around the house.

Rubbing creates a sensation that is pleasurable to them.

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Another reason is that it allows them to mark their territory by leaving behind their scent.

Take note of these spots because these are where they love being pet.

These are the locations of their sweat glands.

Once it looks ready to be snuggled, gently touch those parts and see how it will react.

Which part is the best?

Some of the parts most cats want to be scratched are behind their ears, chin, their cheeks, or the place at the bottom of their tail.

You can do some trial and error at the onset. Take it slow, and observe. Watch for signals.

Their body will usually show telltale signs, like curving their backbone to lead your hand to the spot where they want it to be.

Just be patient, and you will surely get it.

What should you avoid?

Remember that cats, by nature, are predators.

Their instincts will kick in when they feel threatened.

So, do not pet your cat in the areas where they feel vulnerable, like their bellies.

This could sometimes cause you more than just a scratch.

You have to be very cautious around that area.

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Each cat is unique. If you have more than one, you have to do this process with each of them.

Just like humans, they also have mood swings.

Be very sensitive with them until such time that they have completely warmed up to you.

Though it may take a while, it is worth it.

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A pet cat can help relieve you of stress, especially when you see them do their tricks.

However, never forget that they belong to the family of the king of the jungle.

Always handle them with care. If you want it to be familiar to you, spend time with it regularly.

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This will help it warm up to your touch.

The more time you spend, the closer you will be to each other.

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