The INCREDIBLE TOP TIPS you need to know about Toilet Training

PUPPIES! Just saying that word makes some people squeal.

They’re super cute, cuddly, and ready to be your new best friend!

But of course, there’s a downside: toilet training.

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Sadly, it can take time for your puppy to grasp this concept.

If you’re having trouble, read this post and solve your problem!

How do I toilet train my puppy?

It’s easy to feel like a failure if you don’t immediately master toilet training.

But don’t feel bad; it isn’t that easy.

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You may have stumbled on the correct techniques, or you’ve never been told them.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

You should:
• Take your puppy outside, in a yard, or on the street. Basically, where you usually take him.
• When your puppy goes to the toilet, reward him.
For the last step, praise immediately. You only have a 2-4 second window so your puppy understands why he’s being rewarded. You can also use treats. This will motivate your puppy to continue this behavior.

Look at Essential dog training treats suggestions for more information on this.

Simple, right? Hundreds of people implement this training every day. But it’s not always that easy.

Why does my puppy go to the toilet inside the house?

Puppies are amazing, but they’re not perfect!

We used to have accidents when we were kids. Puppies are the same.

It’s not your puppy’s fault if he has an accident.

He’s likely to have held on going to the toilet for as long as possible.

The problem here is that he doesn’t know how to tell you he needs it. So sadly, he uses the toilet inside.

Keep calm. Remember that toilet training isn’t forever. He will grow out of it. It just takes a little time.

We can give you some help.

Can you explain in a bit more detail?

So let’s say your puppy finds a nice, green patch to go to the toilet on.

But it’s not outside! No, it’s that nice rug that you just put down.

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To your puppy, though, it looks like an inviting place to use the toilet.

Let’s explain what to do, using diversion tactics:

You might notice him sniffing around that area.

You’ll probably be familiar with this sight now. Without making a fuss, take your puppy outside.

Make sure to take him to the same area where he usually goes to the bathroom.

Once he has relieved himself, give lots of praise and a treat.

Sadly, you might not notice your puppy behaving this way until it’s too late.

This happens, so don’t stress. You’ll clean it up. But unfortunately, your puppy can still smell where he went last.

This encourages him to go to the toilet there again. Soon enough, he’ll keep doing it all the time!

You can only do one thing to stop this from happening. Roll the rug up and put it somewhere else.

Preferably where your puppy won’t find it, like a basement or attic.

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You can bring it back when your puppy has reached 6 months.

Sounds great! Is there anything else I can try?

You bet there is!

One great way of training, as always, is giving your puppy treats.

You have no idea how motivated puppies become when food is involved!

A helpful thing to do is to have lots of treat jars around the house.

You could have them in the garden, in the kitchen, bedroom — basically, everywhere your dog goes.

You can even carry treats in a pouch with you! Make sure he can’t get them.

Why do you do this? When your puppy does something right — like going to the toilet outside — reward him as soon as possible.

If you’re scrambling around for treats, it’ll take too long. Your puppy won’t understand what he’s being praised for!

This way, you can reward your puppy straight away.

This is a great example of something you should do. But some things can cause this behavior to get worse.

You should never discipline your puppy for accidents in the house.

He can’t help it! It can set the training back even further…

Your puppy needs to tell you he wants the toilet.

That’s the only way you’ll take him outside in time. But some owners think they need to teach their dogs by punishing them.

They do this by rubbing their nose in their pee or yelling at them.

All your puppy understands is that he has been punished for going to the toilet.

He will be reluctant to tell you that he needs the toilet again. You know what happens next.

This can turn into a cycle of toilet accidents in the house.

It will always cause your puppy to get stressed, causing more accidents. I doubt you want that.

What do I need to remember?

Stayed focused. Remember your methods, and don’t let them slide.

Always use positive reinforcement instead of negative.

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Above all, stay patient.

Don’t get frustrated. Follow these rules and tips, and toilet training will be a thing of the past!

Let us know how you’ve gotten on in the comments section!

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