The Cat Lovers Guide To Choosing The Best Cat Food

The Cat Lovers Guide To Choosing The Best Cat Food

Say you want to do a bit of food shopping for your cat.

However, you’re overwhelmed by the options available.

You’re in luck, as we’re just about to dig into the nitty-gritty of knowing the best cat foods.


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Which of them would be apt for your pet? Keep reading!

Is dry cat food the right choice?

There are three primary forms of cat food: there are dry, semi-moist, and wet types.

Dry cat food has its benefits. It is not as expensive as the wet type and is not messy as well.

This food type has a longer shelf life compared to the others.

This way, you can feed your kitten with it for a more extended period.


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It is as nutritious as the wet type and is also much easier to feed your pet with.

However, this dry meal comes with its let downs. Its blandness is an example of this.

Usually, cats cannot tolerate foods that don’t “wow” their taste buds.

So, your feline friend may find this food type boring.

Kittens can also have a hard time with it, usually because of the texture.

It is because your kitten is still growing teeth.

Should you feed your cat with semi-moist food?

It combines the ease of feeding dry food and the great taste of wet food.

Feeding semi-moist food can save you money. It is cheap.

However, this kind of cat food is not very popular.


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It is also not nutritious or healthy for your feline friend.

This poor-quality feed can cause your pet to become ill.

It does not nutritionally benefit your cat. Semi-moist food isn’t also particularly filling.

Even after eating this feed type, your feline friend can remain hungry.

So, you will have to keep feeding your cat with more of it.

If your cat or kitten falls sick, you have to see a vet.

This situation can continue if you go on to feed your pet with it.

You’ll end up losing a lot of money on constant vet bills. The semi-moist meal form is not advisable for cats.

Your pet should not be fed with it.

Should you feed your cat with wet food?

Cats find this meal type delicious!


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While wet food looks raw, it consists of cooked ingredients. Your feline friend will enjoy it.

However, you have to be cautious because your pet might want to gorge on it.

Cats don’t seem to get satisfied with wet food.

With dry food, your kitten is more likely to stop when it’s full.

However, your feline friend has no self-control with this wet meal type.

They can eat large quantities of it if unwatched.

So, ensure that you serve your cat only in moderate amounts.

Meat is usually a constant ingredient in wet food.

However, it is present in these meals in different quantities.

Canned wet food can have “Meat or Meal” written on it.

This type of cat food contains about 95% of good quality meat.

Feed this nutritious meal to your kitten.

On the other hand, “Tuna Dinner” or “Tuna platter” contains only 25% of this ingredient.

Lastly, “Cat food with Tuna” has only 3% of good quality meat present in it.

How do you tailor these food types to your cat’s needs?

Each cat has its needs for certain nutrients.

A kitten, for example, requires two times the amount needed by an adult cat.


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If you own a feline pet, it is your job to meet these needs.

To do this, we advise you to buy all the types of cat foods discussed.

Get your feline friend dry, semi-moist, and wet food.

Some types of food are right for your cat when it’s sick.

Your vet can prescribe this immune-boosting type of meal.

Your feline friend will benefit from this therapeutic food.

Another benefit of this meal is its pain-relieving function.

Buy only nutrient-rich cat foods. Avoid low quality meat by-products or corn in your feline friend’s meal.

It will keep your kitten safe and healthy.

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