The Basics of Guinea Pig Care

Have you ever considered getting a guinea pig?

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If you have, you should learn how to take care of a pet like this properly.

What is the right food or cage for them? What about grooming?

Let’s see what some basics of guinea pig care are!

What guinea pig breed do I want?

It all starts with choosing the breed of guinea pig you find the most appealing.

There are many of them. Different species mean that there are various hair, coat colors, and patterns.

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You will certainly like one thing more than something else.

Do you prefer short or long hair? Perhaps you like species with no hair at all.

This step is essential because of the grooming process later.

Different hair coats require different grooming types, but there will be more words on this matter later.

What is the right food for my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs like to eat a lot of things!

For example, they enjoy hay, leafy greens, pellets, fresh fruits, different plants, and grass, but they also like sweet treats.

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This is what they need for a balanced diet.

If you give them everything from the list, they will be healthy and well-nourished!

You must also know that these animals require a lot of vitamin C.

They need calcium, too, especially when they are still babies.

Do not give them processed food or any commercial products.

Do not provide them with a lot of sugar.

Their diet should be natural all the time.

If you want to give them something artificially-colored, never do this!

One more thing you need to remember is their hydration – keep them hydrated all the time!

How do I choose a cage for my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs like when they have a lot of space to run around.

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When choosing a guinea pig cage, look for some specific technical details.

For example, what is the size of the cage? What about the type and the bedding?

The bedding should be quality, even if this means more money.

Also, you will not make a mistake if you get a larger cage.

They are even more recommended if you want your guinea pig to be happy.

How often does my guinea pig need grooming?

Grooming your guinea pig regularly is another crucial thing.

You need to clip its nails once a month and do regular brushing.

Long hair needs to be brushed more often.

You can use a soft-bristled brush or simply a toothbrush.

When you comb each rosette, do it from the center outward.

This is the proper way. Some species require a metal flea comb, a metal wide-tooth comb, and a slicker brush.

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This is something a vet can tell you, or you can check it out on the Internet.

Guinea pigs are adorable, and they make perfect pets because they are mild.

But if you want them to be happy with you, keep all these things in mind!

That is the only way you will take care of your pet properly.

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