Strawberries for horses? Selecting the right fruit for your pet

Strawberries for horses? Selecting the right fruit for your pet

Berries are considered tasty and sweet.

Horses have a sweet tooth and love to indulge in delicious treats.

Have you ever thought about feeding your pet with strawberries?


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Here, we discuss the basics of giving horses these berries.

Are they safe? Grab a chair, and let’s explore!

What are the basics?

Not all fruit and vegetables that are good enough for you are safe for your pet.

Avocados, for example, are harmful. Humans find strawberries tasty and nourishing.

What is the nutrient substance of strawberry?

Strawberries have a lot of vitamins present in them.


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They contain lots of vitamin C and also have vitamins E and K present in them.

They are fibrous and are rich in antioxidants too.

These nutrients strengthen your horse’s immune system.

The water in this fruit will keep your pet hydrated.

Some minerals present in strawberries include phosphorus and calcium.

Others are magnesium and potassium, and they contribute positively to your horse’s development and health.

Are there problems related to giving your pony these berries?

Horses aren’t known for being picky about what they eat.

Your pet can eat strawberry it finds on the ground while grazing.

It might not even ignore the leaves when it does this. However, you have no reason to fear if this happens.


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Strawberry leaves are not toxic to horses and will not harm them.

Giving your horse too much of any fruit will harm its digestive system. Same with strawberries.

Overfeeding your pet with this fruit will make it too full for its main diet.

Never let this happen to your pet. Strawberries cannot meet your horse’s nutritional needs.

So, your pony will become malnourished in the long run.

Excess sugar is bad for both humans and animals as well.

You must consult your vet first if your horse has preexisting problems.

If your pony is insulin resistant, see a vet first before feeding it with strawberries.

This way, you’ll know if they are the right option for your pet.

How do you give your pet strawberries?

Feed your pet with six to ten strawberries once or twice in a week.


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This amount is the right quantity for horses.

If your pony is not able to eat all of it at once, preserve the leftovers cold.

Do not feed your pet with strawberries that have gone bad.

They are harmful and will make your horse’s tummy ache.

Be cautious about feeding your pony with garden-grown strawberries.

They might have come into contact with chemicals or pesticides that are dangerous to your horse’s health.

So, ensure that you wash the fruits thoroughly before feeding them to your pet.

Moldy food is harmful to horses.


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Do not give rotten or spoilt strawberries to your pet. Dispose of them.

Your pony can have some strawberries. Your pet can also benefit from the nutrients in them.

However, serve these berries once in a while and ONLY in small quantities.

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