Review Of The Petkin Sunblock

Review Of The Petkin Sunblock

With new products entering markets daily, it gets quite confusing to decide which one is the right product for your needs.

It is often helpful to read reviews beforehand.


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Today, I will review the Petkin Sunblock.

It is a sunblock for cats and dogs that protects them against skin cancer.

Why is Skin Protection Necessary?

Everyone knows that, without proper protection, the UV-rays from the sun can be very dangerous.

Not only for us but also for animals.

According to research, the chance of getting cancer for dogs is the same as that of humans.

It is further reported that one-third of all the tumours found in dogs is due to the sun.

It is indeed daunting to know that our pets are at risk of tumours or even skin cancer just from being in the sun.


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So, it is necessary to protect our dogs from harmful sun rays.

We cannot, however, use our sunblock on dogs.

Some of its substances are toxic for dogs and may harm their skin.

It is where Petkin comes to the rescue.

The Petkin Sunblock

Petkin is a sunblock designed especially for dogs.

So, it protects dog skins while not causing any harmful effects.

Personally speaking, I avoid daytime walks with my dogs as the temperature is often high.

I usually go for walks in the evening. The weather is fresh and breezy at that time.

As a bonus, the pavements or grass are more chilled in the evening and do not burn your dogs’ paws.

Still, sometimes you find yourself out of options.

So, you either take your dog for a walk in mid-afternoon or keep them indoors and make them sad.


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Times like these call for the need for dog sunblock, so you can take your buddy outside without worrying about their health.

So, let us find out whether Petkin sunblock is what we were asking for or not.

Why Get The Petkin Sunblock?

Petkin is a California based company that produces pet care products.

They have a series of sunblock designed for dogs and cats.

So, those who own both animals do not have to buy a separate item for each pet.

However, if you want to be specific, they also offer a different product for cats and dogs.

Cats owners know that cats also love to laze off in the sun.

They can sit and do nothing, all day long, in the sun.

Sadly, it can harm their skin, so they also need skin protection.

As of now, you can get a sunblock of SPF-15.

It comes in various forms, such as wipes, spray, or in stick form.


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All these forms are created with consideration of ease of application.

So, you can apply the sunblock on hard to reach body areas.

These areas may include the ears and nose, which are can quickly get a sunburn.

For those who want to know why they don’t have a higher SPF product, it is because they can cause skin irritation.

Petkin also offers the Sunmist spray. It can be used anywhere on your dog’s body except the eyes.

The Sunmist is simpler to apply compared to the stick.

It is especially suitable for short-haired and light-coloured dogs.

One more good thing about it is that it has very minute particles.

So, your pet won’t be frightened of its application, and you can further rub it on its fur.

The sunblock is also non-sticky, absorbent, non-greasy, and is available in both coconut and vanilla scent.


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It also does not contain any discolouration agents.

Also, Petkin products are not only economical but also easily available in many countries.


After reading many reviews and using it myself (for my pets obviously), I can say that it works well.

Buying the Petkin sunblock will be a smart choice for your pets.

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