Rats And Chocolate 4 Essential Guidelines To A Rat Diet

Rats And Chocolate 4 Essential Guidelines To A Rat Diet

Chocolate is so yummy even rats cannot resist it.

But can they eat it without any problems?


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If you keep reading, you will learn everything about it!

Is chocolate good for a rat?

People who have pet rats tend to worry about one thing.

Is chocolate too toxic for a rodent? Should rats eat it or not?

Impressively, the answer is yes. Rats can eat chocolate.

For instance, chocolate even helps with respiratory issues.

If your rat is having this problem, a piece of chocolate is handy.


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Go for dark chocolate more often. It is a healthier version.

What happens if I give my rat too much chocolate?

A rat should never eat significant amounts of chocolate!

Why? Because of the theobromine.

For people, this substance is essential. It has diuretic effects.

It can relax muscles and stimulate the heart. Together with it, it stimulates the central nervous system.

Yet, too much of it can be toxic for both rats and humans.

Caffeine is another issue. Since we find it in chocolate, no one should consume it a lot.

Since rats are tiny animals, too much caffeine would be bad for them.

Lastly, there is obesity. Because of chocolate, your rat can gain a lot of weight.

It can lead to numerous health problems. Finally, it can lead to death.

What other foods does my rat need?

A number one thing should be peanut butter!

For some reason, they enjoy this creamy treat a lot. They can eat it occasionally.


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They also need plenty of fruits and veggies. Avoid dried corn and avocados, though.

If you give this to them, use tiny amounts. It would help if you also gave them carbonated drinks in moderation.

Moreover, go for soy. It is fantastic for preventing cancer.

It is particularly suitable for female rats. You can also give them rat lab blocks.

With them, your rat gets enough minerals and vitamins that are vital for its health.

Take these protein blocks with mostly 16%-18% range. Pregnant rats should eat the ones with a 22% range.

And did you know rats like cereals? Feel free to give them low sugar and fat ones.


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They are perfect for chewing, which rats like to do.

What foods my rat must not eat?

Never give your rat foods like blue cheese, green bananas, citruses, potatoes, and raw onions.

This list also includes raw peanuts, fresh dry beans, wild insects, and rhubarb.

If rats eat some of these things, they can have serious stomach problems.

And did you know that raw dry beans can chump the red blood cells?


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Not to mention giving them wild insects can come with parasites. When rats eat them, they also get these parasites.

To conclude, chocolate should not be a regular snack for rats.

Stick to the things suitable for rats listed above the most.

If you want to share more suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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