Rabbits' Perception Of The World

Rabbits’ Perception Of The World

Rabbits are cute and fluffy animals.

Sadly, they most often end up as prey to other bigger creatures in the wilderness.

It does not mean that they are meagerly some tiny and weak beings.


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Evolution has bestowed them with the skills to adapt to their habitat and survive.

One such factor which ensures their survival in wildlife is how they observe their world.

You might have noticed that a rabbit has its eyes located on each side of its head.

You may have also wondered the reason for it.

I am sure you thought about how rabbits view their environment.

Well, isn’t it why you are here?

What Do The Rabbits See?

Like many herbivores, rabbits’ eyes are on each side of their head.

So, the answer to the above question is quite obvious.

Rabbits see their world in a much different manner than we do.

Interestingly, they can see around nearly 360 degrees.


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Let us discuss some important aspects of their sight.

How Developed Is a Rabbit’s Field of Vision?

As we stated earlier, rabbits possess an impressive area of vision.

They can see at approximately 360 degrees.

There is, however, a small blind spot of 10 degrees directly in front of their nose and below the chin.

Now you know why it is difficult for your fluffy friend to find the treats put right below its nose.

The position of eyes in rabbits (and other herbivore animals) help them to see more area around them. It is a defensive mechanism.

It enables them to see incoming threats from every direction.


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So, they can escape from predators and not end-up as food.

Do Rabbits Have Depth Perception?

The structure of rabbits’ eyes allow them to see more, but this also has a downside.

The main drawback, compared to humans, is the lack of depth perception.

Because of the arrangement of eyes, there is only a 30-degree overlap between the field of its vision.

It also includes the 10-degree blind spot. As a result, rabbits have nearly no sense of depth perception.

Rabbits use a process called parallax to check how far an object is from them.

They moved their heads right and left and then compare the distance with each eye.

Are Rabbits Color Blind?

You might have heard about rabbits being colour blind. It is not entirely inaccurate.

The components responsible for the identification of colour in the eyes are called cone cells.

Humans have three types of cones, which means that we can see the colour associated with blue, green, and red wavelengths.


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Rabbits, however, only have cones corresponding to green and blue wavelengths.

It means that they can’t see red colour.

Can Rabbits See in The Night?

Rod cells are another component of the eye and help in seeing in the dark.

Studies have shown that rabbits have more rod cells compared to humans.

It means that they can see much better in low light conditions.

They can still not see in the pitch black.

Do Rabbits have Grainy Vision?

It is also found by scientists that rabbits have a somewhat grainy vision.


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It means that they can’t see as clear as humans.


A rabbits eye has evolved for specific conditions.

These conditions serve it the best in its struggle for survival.

That is why rabbits’ way of observing their habitat is much different than ours.

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