Playing With Your Dog

Playing with your dog can improve your emotional health.

This is probably why you got the dog in the first place.

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You should be prepared to take responsibility for your dog’s mental and physical stimulation as well.

Keeping your dog active and mentally healthy takes a lot of work.

A lethargic dog doesn’t eat or drink as it’s adequate.

They sleep all day, building fats that can increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, low immune, obesity, e. t. c.

To keep you and your dog entertained, there are many exciting games to play.

Games to Play With Your Dog

1. Frisbee

An excellent game to have fun with when playing with your dog is a frisbee.

This game is more intense than fetch because your dog would chase a frisbee over long distances to expel its energy and be mentally stimulated.

Frisbee is ideal for dogs with lots of energy and hunting instincts.

We recommend starting with soft discs when you play frisbee with your dog instead of the past’s hard frisbees standard.

Also, make your dog pick interest in your frisbee with catch before going a longer distance so that it’s not discouraged.

2. Chase and Flirt Pole

Playing chase with your dog is a way that’s fun to keep your dog active and out of trouble.

An upgrade to chase games uses flirt poles—an excellent match to stimulate your dog physically and mentally in a non-destructive way.

A flirt pole can be bought at the store, and you can make one at home with a pipe, robe, and bait of toys.

It’s crucial to note that the flirt pole game requires that your dog is physically healthy.

3. Play Tug of War With Your Dog

Tug of war is one of the most common games you can play with your dog.

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It’s an effective means to instill manners and help them recognize their limits too.

Although most dog owners think it’s an aggressive game, it can produce desirable outcomes.

There are precautions to note when playing tug of war.

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Even well-trained dogs may get carried away in fun and misbehave.

Ensure that the dog’s tail wags during the game. When it growls, and the tail isn’t wagging, the game stops.

4. Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek with treats.

This is a simple game to play with your dog.

It doesn’t require much creativity.

It’s useful for stimulating your dog’s instincts of smell.

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Put some treats in places that are accessible to start with.

You can then make the game harder with different locations within the house.

Dogs can become frustrated if finding the treat takes too long, so help them out if they can’t find it in time.

Don’t forget to cheer them throughout their effort.

5. Chasing Bubbles

Teach your dogs to chase bubbles.

Dogs may get nervous seeing the game for the first time, but you can help them get over that by catching some yourself.

This game shouldn’t last too long because the bubbles can upset your dog’s stomach.

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Other games to try with your dog include water games, digging games, e. t. c., you can also invent new games when you play based on their energy level and physical health.

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