Pitbull Labrador Mix

Pitbull Labrador Mix


Let’s talk about what a Pitbull Labrador mix is.

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In the world of dog breeding, many people are focused on the integrity of pedigree dogs for competitions.

But there are some breeders who set out to combine certain traits of dogs and a new breed is born.

Sometimes these mixes are a hit and miss, but others can create wonderful new dogs.

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In the following article, we will explore the main personality traits of both pit bull-type dogs and Labradors and we should then be able to get a clearer picture of what to expect from your Pitador/Labrabull might be like and if it is the right companion for you.

Are mixes a good idea?

Sometimes yes, like the cross between a pug and a beagle has produced a wildly popular breed known as the Puggle and is an adorable family pet.

Some crossbreeds aim to combine physical qualities of one type with the personality of a different type, as seen with the cross between a Pitbull and a Labrador.

While it is hard to guess what type of personality one could expect because individual dogs will reflect their parent genes differently, even among littermates.

However, what is for sure is that this breed will be a passionate and energetic dog.

Recognized as Pitadors or Labrabulls, theoretically, it should be a combination of traits between the Labrador and Pit Bull.

However, what makes it a little trickier is that Pit Bulls are not one type of dog, but actually a blend of various breeds.

The two most popular pit bull-type dogs are the Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Concerning the crossing with a Labrador, both pit bull-types are close enough for us to consider it as one.

What About the American Pit Bull Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

More than a bad reputation

You will go far to discover a dog with a worse reputation than the pit bull-type breed.

We have cast them as the villains in newspapers and television outlets for their apparent aggression and connection to dogfighting.

Historically pit bull-type dogs originated in Europe and were bred for violent and blood sports.

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But what we don’t recognize that they are now companion and service dogs.

There, unfortunately, are owners who exploit the dogs’ loyal nature and turn them into aggressive beings.

We need to understand that the media wrongly treats pit bull-type dogs.

The blame should not be put onto the dog but laid before the feet of unprincipled owners that desire to produce a vicious dog to scare us or other animals.

Pit bull-type dogs are affectionate animals that can make wonderful companions.

However, they have lots of energy and require lots of exercises.

Though they are loyal, the breed has an independent tendency.

Therefore, regular training from a puppy is a must and will prove rewarding as they are well known to have a great desire to make their owner happy.

What Should You Know About Labradors


If you are a resident of the United States, we bet you have noticed a lot of Labradors around.

This is because the breed has achieved a landslide victory in terms of popularity in America, becoming the ambassador of the ideal family dog.

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Their forefathers worked as companions to fisherman in Newfoundland.

After that, they bred the dogs to function as retrievers where they assisted their masters on hunting trips.

Labradors enjoy their popularity as valued members of the family, with a calm and gentle nature.


Their largely docile nature should not fool one; Labradors are very energetic and require ample exercise.

Their playful personality makes them friendly with everyone, even strangers, and so they do not have high protection abilities.

Therefore, you stand a better chance of seeing your pooch goofing around with a burglar than tearing him to pieces!


The major benefit to a Labrador’s highly social personality is that they are one of the easiest dogs to train and we know them for how smart they are.


They will need to be groomed regularly to maintain their double-layered coat in tip-top condition.

What Are The Pitador/Labrabull Attributes

As seen by the previous discussions, a Pitador/Labrabull would be a rather unique crossbreed.

Because of the polar opposite origins of the dogs, the behavior may be impacted.

We recognize pit bulls for their dominance and do not respond positively to being around other dominant dogs.

Should you already have another pet, it would be easy to see which gene, Labrador or Pitbull, is more dominant.

Should the genes of the Labrador be stronger, then your dog will welcome of other animals and strangers.

However, if the Pitbull genes are more dominant, the opposite will be true and your dog will be hostile towards unfamiliar animals and strangers.

This is a very broad way of trying to figure out your new dog’s character.

There are a lot of other factors to consider, each of them needs the owner to act specifically.

What Can I Expect From My Pitador/Labrabull?

Not much sound

Even though Labradors are known for barking, pit bulls hardly bark at all.

Therefore, you can expect your new pet to not bark as much as the typical Labrador would.

Training is a breeze

A very promising factor is that both types excel at training.

Typically, Labradors are easier than pit bulls, so one can look forward to a rewarding experience.

Training will also assist with forming strong attachments between you and your pet.

As is true for all breeds of dogs, Pitadors/Labrabulls require proper care if you expect pleasant behavior.

Regular training will ensure that the crossbreed becomes a loyal, dedicated furry friend to both his owner other family members.

A well-trained crossbreed may prove very effective in reducing the stigma that surrounds pit bull-type dogs.

You should not be discouraged by any judgments you may receive from fellow dog lovers who wrongly assume that your dog will be aggressive because of his pit bull DNA.

Devote time to training your new pooch and they will reward you with a great friend who will be by your side for ten to fourteen years.

Exercise Requirements

Both parent breeds find exercise enjoyable, and one should not expect different from the cross.

Ensure that your furry friend goes on lengthy walks daily and has the chance to move around and run frequently.

If you don’t enjoy exercise, Pitadors/Labrabulls will quickly become overwhelming and turn to destructive activities if they are not receiving sufficient exercise.

A Large Responsibility

You must take note that this crossbreed will typically become quite a big dog.

Therefore, they are not suitable for tiny apartments and need to be in houses with sizeable gardens.

The crossbreed will, on average, get up to twenty-four inches tall and will tip the scale at between forty-five to ninety pounds.

Attention Requirements

The Pitador/Labrabull is not suited for someone who works late or is not at home a lot.

This breed is not happy being alone for extended periods and they do not suffer in silence and will often turn to destruction to get their point across.

Larger dogs, like the Pitador/Labrabull, can do major damage when they become destructive.

If you choose a dog that is unsuitable to your house or lifestyles you are only creating issues for the pooch and yourself.

Majority of dogs can cause damage if you do not exercise them enough or leave them alone for extended periods.

Sun lovers

Because of not having much hair, it does not suit this crossbreed to the cold and prefers warm climates.

But, if you find yourself somewhere cool, your dog would do well with a doggie coat.

Good health

The Pitador/Labrabull will more than likely be a typically healthy breed as both parent breeds are healthy.

Though, it is still wise to discuss with your breeder the history of both parents relating to certain illnesses.


Mixed-breed dogs will surprise you continuously, which makes them exciting as you never know what personality traits will come out.

While this discussion has explored a few potential ideas of what we can expect, it is so important to remember every dog is unique.

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This breed requires a committed owner who has enough time and devotion to take part in training and exercise regularly.

An experienced dog owner would be better suited because early training is very important and regular training and socialization.

This crossbreed can be a worthwhile companion on condition that you are prepared to make a full-time commitment to forging a connection with it.

Carefully consider every one of these aspects before welcoming a new furry friend into the family.

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