Pedialyte For Dogs

Pedialyte For Dogs

It’s common for dogs to get dehydrated due to sweating, peeing, and pooping.

Dogs usually regain lost moisture by just drinking and eating water-rich foods.


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Still, dogs can get seriously dehydrated due to get sick. In that situation, usually, vets suggest Pedialyte to dogs as the primary treatment.

What’s Pedialyte?

Pedialyte is a rehydrating oral solution containing sugar and electrolytes.

It supplies the need for fluids, minerals, and nutrients in the body.

This drug is available in two options, unflavored and flavored.

Is Pedialyte Safe for dogs?

Pedialyte is basically made for humans, but dogs can also take it.

It’s a terrific medicine for dogs in the early stage of dehydration.

What is the Canine Dosage of Pedialyte?

Dogs’ weight determines the quantity of medicine according to standard 15ml /pound of body weight per day.

You can split up the dose and give the medicine up to 4-5 times a day.

The dosage usually consists of water and Pedialyte in the proportion of 1:1.


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You can choose Pedialyte flavor, like bubble-gum, orange, and more, according to your puppy’s tongue.

Causes of dehydration

Dehydration in dogs is pretty natural in hot weather.

So, first, make sure that your puppy has drunken enough cool and freshwater.

Cause of dehydration can be fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or viral or bacterial infection. However, Pedialyte works as primary medicine.

Still, you should know dehydration reasons.


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But if you can’t find out the cause of dehydration, you must call on vets.

How can you know if your puppy is dehydrated?

A dogs’ body has about 60 percent water, and if it changes, then dogs behave abnormally.

If you see the following signs, then your puppy is dehydrated:

• Loss in dog’s skin flexibility

• Loss of hunger

• Dry nose

• Sunken eyes

• Thick and sticky saliva

• Abnormal gasping

Side effects of Pedialyte on Dogs

Every single time the right quantity of Pedialyte is necessary for dogs. As it contains sodium, a higher level of sodium is harmful to dogs. This medicine also consists of excess sugar, which can put down diabetic dogs.


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Pedialyte isn’t an alternative to water. So, it can harm healthy dogs by changing their natural electrolytes balance.

Don’t give Pedialyte to dogs are unable to eat or drink and keeps vomiting.

Otherwise, the medicine can worsen their health. Such dogs need vet treatment.

Bottom Line

Pedialyte usually doesn’t harm dogs and no need for vets’ direction for buying.

Still, this medicine is just for the initial stage of dehydrated dogs.


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Pedialyte is simply an electrolyte replacement.

So, it’s better to talk to vets if your puppy is seriously dehydrated. But if your puppy’s health doesn’t improve after Pedialyte treatment, then you must take him to vets.

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