can guinea pigs eat mangoes

Mangoes For Guinea pigs? Selecting The Right Food For Your Pet

Many cavy owners do not know that their furry friend has strict dietary needs.

You cannot afford to give your pet just any meal.

Here we explore all you need to know about picking the right foods to make up your guinea pig’s diet.

Can guinea pigs eat Mangoes?


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Should you feed your pet this fruit? Keep reading!

Should guinea pigs eat fruits and vegetables?

Yes, fruits and vegetables would make an excellent addition to your pet’s diet.

Guinea pigs can eat these tasty and healthy foods.

However, ensure that your furry friend does not overeat these types of meals. Serve your furry friend only in small amounts.

They should only be given to your pet once in a while, too, like snacks or treats.

Fruits and vegetables usually contain lots of sugar. Too much sugar is bad for your furry friend’s health.

If your guinea pig has too many of these snacks, it can cause diarrhea.


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The best way to feed your cavy is to chop these items into small sizes. If there are any seeds, take them out.

You make it easier for your guinea pig this way. Your piggy will also be much safer.

Also, remember to give only RAW ingredients to your pet. Guinea pigs are naturally unable to digest cooked foods.

Your piggy’s tummy is quite sensitive. Do not feed your cavy any form of cooked food, including fruits or veggies.

It can cause serious harm.

Can guinea pigs eat mangoes?

Yes, cavies love eating mangoes.

However, feed only small quantities of this fruit.

This is regardless of how much your pet enjoys it. Mangoes contain lots of sugar.

Your piggy should only have some, one or two times a week.


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Any more and your pet will react to the excess sugar content in this juicy fruit.

Can you feed dried mango, mango seed, or skin?

Before giving your guinea pig some mangoes, it is best to peel the skin first.

This ensures that your furry friend is kept as far away from danger as possible.

Mango skin may contain traces of pesticides or harmful chemicals. It would be poisonous to your pet and should not be fed.

The skin is also rough, hard to swallow, and can choke your furry friend.

It would help if you didn’t also give the seed or pit to your pet. It is too hard, and your guinea pig would not benefit from it. T

here are simply no nutrients in it for your cute cavy.

Dried mangoes also contain more sugar than fresh ones. This is why it is not advisable to feed your furry friend with it.


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Fresh mango is a much better option for your cute piggy. Also, your cavy might not even like dried mangoes.

All of this boils down to your pet’s taste.

Giving your guinea pig some mango juice would also be a bad idea. Remember that your pet’s tummy is sensitive.

The extract also contains lots of sugar. It can negatively affect your piggy’s digestive system.

Fresh, clean water is good enough for your furry friend. Give this to your furry friend daily, and replace previous leftovers.

What should an ideal guinea pig diet contain?

A large part of your pet’s diet should be made up of hay. Timothy hay is perfect for your furry friend.

Wherever your cavy is, try to make sure that this hay is available for it. It is essential.

Guinea pigs also love chewing and snacking on dried grass. They grow very well when fed on it.

So, it is recommended that you provide your furry friend with large amounts of hay daily.

Why is hay so essential to your pet’s diet?

Hay makes a great chew toy substitute. This way, your furry friend gets to have something to bite into and chew on.

Guinea pigs love doing this. Hay prevents your cavy’s teeth from growing too long. It is also fibrous.

Fiber is excellent for your pet, and it is highly nutritious.

Your furry friend can even eat lots of dried grass without the risk of gaining excess weight.

Mangoes can be fed to cavies. Still, no matter how much your pet loves to have some, it should not be given this fruit daily.


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Two or three mango cubes are enough for your cavy once or twice a week.

Do not feed your furry friend more than this amount.

Remember that other parts of a mango, like its seed and skin, are harmful to your piggy.

They do not also benefit your guinea pig nutritionally.

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