Little Secrets About Keeping Your Turtle Happy

Little Secrets About Keeping Your Turtle Happy

Turtles are genuinely remarkable pets.

They are considerably small, they don’t make a fuss or complain often, and they’re generally easy to take care of.

You have to remember that every pet requires a specific type of care.

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Providing them the proper diet and habitat and taking care of your pet turtle would be relatively easy.

While taking care of them is generally an easy task, they are still extraordinary creatures that need special attention.

In this article, we will layout some little-known secrets on keeping your turtle happy.

Secret 1: A Spacious Tank

Because turtles are creatures that love water, swimming takes up an enormous chunk of their lives.

They love being under the sun. They generally live actively.

To be able to all this, they will need a living space that is clean and spacious enough to carry on their activities.

This is why it’s imperative that before you even buy an aquarium, do a little bit of research and check out the maximum size your turtle can get.

Remember that turtles are reptiles that live within a vast territory when they’re out in the wild.

Secret 2: Simulate an Amphibious Habitat

You also have to ensure that you give them an area in the aquarium wherein they can just openly swim.

Aside from the swimming space, the aquarium also needs to have a dry portion that kind of imitates a beach.

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This is a place where they let themselves dry up after swimming.

Here’s the general rule of thumb when picking out an aquarium made of glass for your turtle.

Consider how long your turtle will be when fully grown.

The aquarium has to be at least three or four times the stretch of that full length.

Although, typically, it’s always better if you pick a larger aquarium.

As we’re all probably aware, in their natural habitat, turtles have a place in the land after they’ve climbed out of the water.

Try to simulate this environment in your aquarium.

The beach should look like a slope that is gradually elevated.

This would make it easy for your turtle to climb into it and return to the water.

A happy turtle is a turtle that cannot just freely swim in the water but can also climb up on the land and wallow under the sun.

Ensure you include this factor in your simulation environment and use UVB or UVA lamps in your aquarium.

Secret 3: Keep Their Home Clean

Like most living creatures on this planet, turtles also need a neat space where they could live in.

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While the aquarium size is essential, maintaining the tank’s cleanliness is also an equally important factor in keeping them happy.

Look for turtle tank filters to clean the water in your aquarium.

Before doing that, please keep in mind that turtles, compared to fish, produce more biological waste.

Turtles are also more vulnerable when it comes to chemical levels and water quality.

This is why you need a specialized filter for their tank.

Don’t just readily assume that you can use a fish tank filter on a turtle aquarium.

Find yourself a filter that is heavy duty and can process massive amounts of water efficiently.

Also, find one that can maintain the nitrates composition and the right pH level within the aquarium.

Secret 4: A Healthy Diet

Please keep in mind that turtles are omnivores, and because of this, they eat a lot.

Just like us humans, turtles also need to have a variety of components in their meals.

A healthy and balanced diet that comprises adequate minerals and vitamins is essential for keeping your turtle happy, active, and satisfied.

Ensure that you give adequate time to research the proper diet for your pet turtle based on its species type.

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But typically, specialized turtle food, insects, and green vegetables will do the trick.

Some turtles even love eating flowers and fruits.

Again, take a close look at the type of turtle you have.

This helps you make sure that you feed your turtle appropriately.

Secret 5: Exercise Regularly

We all know that having a big house doesn’t mean that we don’t have to go out.

The same applies to your pet turtle.

To keep your pet turtle happy, allow it to go out of the aquarium every once and in a while to play outside.

Secret 6: Toys, Toys, Toys

Keeping a turtle happy has some similarities with how to keep a kid happy. That’s right.

Your pet turtle also needs toys. It’s not enough that you give it some worms to hunt in the tank.

You also have to provide them with toys that stimulate their brains and movement.

You have to make sure, though, that you give your pet turtle toys that are easy to move around.

Also, get toys that are appropriate for their size.

Give your small turtle some tiny empty shells and give conch shells that are medium-sized to bigger turtles.

You can also find a toy raft made of wood and place it on the aquarium so your turtle can push it around.

Secret 6: Handle with Care

You have to remember that turtles have dog gent personalities like us humans.

Some of them may be quite friendly and connect well with humans, but the best way to keep your turtle happy and safe is to minimize handling.

Please note that turtles typically don’t enjoy occasional lifts from the ground.

However, this action is necessary for you to clean the tank and take them out for exercise.

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Ensure that you handle and lift them carefully whenever the necessity arises and wash your hands before even touching them.

Keep your grip secure but gentle when you’re handling them so they won’t slip off or bite you.

Remember that unlike usual pets like cats and dogs, turtles have a low tolerance to stress, so it’s always best to avoid continually touching them.

Keep a Balanced and Healthy Relationship with Your Pet Turtle

Keep the secrets above in mind to maintain your pet turtle and give it a happy life.

They may seem like they’re expressionless and stoic creatures, but overall, turtles are great pets.

They have their ways of expressing the attention and love their owners provide them.

Being a witness to how strong, big, and beautiful your turtle grows over the years is only a good sign that they are healthy and happy under your care.

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