Let the Dogs Pant. 3 Ways Dogs are Adapted to Cool off During Summer

Do you ever wonder how dogs lose heat during the hot summer seasons considering they have a warm fur coat they can’t pull off?

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As you sip your cold beer and turn on your fan, how do the dogs save themselves from the scorching heat?

You’ve probably never thought of it, but now you do so, here are some ways dogs cool off…

1. Panting

The main way of heat exchange in a dog’s body is through panting.

The moisture on the dog’s tongue evaporates, allowing heat loss.

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That’s the reason sometimes dogs have their tongue hanging from one side of the mouth.

Many people believe that’s the way dogs sweat but hey…

Dogs don’t have their sweat glands on the tongue. They are panting.


All right, drop that look already.

Listen… Yes, dogs pant, but they also sweat.

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You probably imagine they sweat under the armpits…

That’s not right, your pet dog would smell like a skunk.

The thing is…

Dogs have their sweat glands in their paws.

It’s the reason you might have spotted some wet paw marks on the floor.

3. Vasodilation

Huge as the term may seem, it only means the expansion of blood vessels.

When dilated, blood vessels of their face and the ears get closer to the skin.

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Ever seen your veins popped closer to the skin on a hot afternoon?

It’s the same cooling mechanism that occurs with dogs.

Blood flowing closer to the surface gets cooled off through heat exchange.

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So… as you switch on your fan on that hot summer afternoon, your pet dog will also sort themselves out but…

Always remember they can suffer overheating and heat strokes so where possible, help with air conditioning.

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