Learn How To Use A Dog Coupler

Learn How To Use A Dog Coupler

Pets require exercise.

Taking them for a walk can sometimes be tiresome.

It even gets more challenging if you are taking two dogs out.


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The usual scenario is that the leashes get tangled up during the walk.

You can now avoid it by using a dog coupler. It is a small leash extender that is V-shaped.

It can accommodate both of your dogs on a single leash.

Is there an alternative to the dog coupler?

A double walker leash may also work for you if you have two dogs.

It allows you to have a free hand.

It is more practical to use rather than two separate leashes.

Does it require training before I use it?

Each of your dogs has different temperaments.

It would be challenging to use one leash for both of them.


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Even if your dogs already know how to walk with a leash. Walking them in a dog coupler is different.

You all three need to train again. This time, train together.

Pick a quiet location you can train in. Make sure that there are not too many distractions.

Training both of your dogs together needs time and focus.

You also need to take into consideration the size difference.

If, in any case, that your dogs don’t have the same sizes, coupler should be avoided.

What are the possible downsides to using a coupler?

The leash can’t be adjusted to fit your dogs’ sizes.

It can be difficult to handle.

Trainers prefer the tightness of it because it can command discipline.


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Trainers prefer it over the retractable ones.

Why is adjustment important?

Make sure you test the couplers before taking your dogs for a walk.

They might be distracted, and you won’t have enough resistance to pull them back.

You need to set the proper distance between the dogs.

If they are too far away, they might get stuck on things.

If they are too near, they might bump into each other.

Finding the right distance will take practice.

Is it safe to use a dog coupler without the leash?

If you take your dogs with you to the park, it’s nice to let them loose for some time.


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You need to make sure that your dogs are trained enough to come back to you.

You have an option to release your dogs from the coupler.

Keeping them in the coupler might be problematic if they would run around the park.

It is something we do not recommend.

You may take this opportunity to test how good your dogs work together.

You need to be cautious because it might be dangerous if there are people around them.

You may do this where you think your dogs could not be distracted from their surroundings.


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Only do this in public places if you know that they would behave.

What things do I need to remember?

Before you use a dog coupler for your dogs, make sure that you train them first.

Training a dog how to walk with a leash is different from training them for a coupler leash.

It may take some time before you find the right distance between the two dogs.

Remember to be patient while training them.

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