Kids and dogs: Staying safe around dogs

Kids and dogs: Staying safe around dogs

Children are naturally attracted to animals, and dogs are among the most common animals used as pets.

A well-behaved dog will look cute around babies if they’re comfortable around one another. But being well-behaved and adorable is not all that is required to trust a dog with children.

In the relationship between children and dogs, safety is crucial.


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Cases of dogs biting a minor due to parents’ negligence are widespread.

Children don’t know how dangerous dogs can be and may overstep their bounds during the play.

The size of a dog is not a guarantee that it’s safe with children.


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Whether it’s your dog or someone else’s, it’s the duty of all parents with dogs as pets to prevent these accidents by watching out for red flags, educating the children, and not taking chances.

Precaution For Parents

No parent is perfect. That’s why precautions must be taken into consideration. Here are a few things to check beforehand.

1. The dog breed and its tendency to become aggressive.

2. The dog’s history of aggression.

3. Get the dog’s immunization done.

4. Take dogs to training schools to help them become more polite.

5. Don’t leave dogs with children unchecked.

6. Get the dog neutered.

7. Make space for the dog’s privacy, e.t.c.

Educate Your Children About Dogs

It’s important to inform children about how to relate to dogs.

By doing this, they know what’s permissible and what they should never do with dogs.


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Some of what to teach your children include:

1. Don’t go near a dog when it’s sleeping, eating, or tending to puppies.

2. Don’t take a dog’s bone or remove its toys.

3. Don’t mess with their tails or ears.

4. Mind your steps and don’t trample on them or squeeze them too tight.

5. Avoid feeding dogs directly from your hand, and hold your fingers together if you must do so.

6. Don’t trap a dog in a corner or crowd it.

7. Don’t go near stray dogs.

8. Don’t touch dogs without the owner’s permission.

9. Don’t fight with dogs, e.t.c.


A dog bite may occur during play without actual aggression from the dog.


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However, when it happens, there’s usually a need for medical attention.

If your child or someone else’s child gets bit by a dog in your custody, go to the doctor with all information that can help.

This may include the breed of dog, the last time it got a vaccination, the dog’s age, the dog’s general health situation e.t.c.

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