Issues Of Compatibility Of Pets

Issues Of Compatibility Of Pets

Interaction between pets when two households are combined or when someone gets a new pet is always amusing.

This article will give a few pointers on how to make this new transition easier for both the pets and the owner.

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When you already have a pet, you are very well aware of how to care for another one so this transition will not be as difficult for you as it would be for your pet.

This transition will be an especially confusing time for your first pet.

Nevertheless, all animals and even all pets have very different needs and this should be kept in mind that before they bring in their new pet.

How do we start on neutral ground?

Most animals especially dogs and cats are very territorial and if you suddenly bring in a new pet in their territory they will try to attack and defend their ground.

To avoid that introduction to the new animal needs to be done in a neutral location.

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For dogs’ parks are a good location for having animals meet each other.

Their introduction can be helped by having some activities planned for these pets to engage in together.

If you are bringing in a pet from a shelter you should bring your first pet to meet the second one there so they can play together and bond.

This needs to be done several times before you can be sure they will be okay with each other.

What would visiting homes with pets go about?

To take things further, things must go well in the first interaction.

Home visits can be the next step one takes to get the pets acquainted with one another.

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You can get ready for the visit by removing your pets’ favorite toys and bowls to reduce the ground and territorial disputes and monitoring the situation closely.

Dogs generally try their best to please their owners and will change their behavior to what they understand the owner needs from them.

However, in new situations like these, it is important to let the dogs have the time they need as they are already very nervous.

Pets are most likely to adapt to this new and different environment if they are not put to compete for attention and interest against each other.

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Cats are very different than dogs as they have a very different temperament.

It becomes very clear very soon whether two cats are getting along well but the adaptation process mentioned above will still help the transition.

Just like human beings despite following all the steps there can be a chance that the pets are not compatible.

The same way sometimes different people just don’t connect no matter what the circumstances, some animals don’t get along.

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Like humans’ pets have different personalities and some just connect better than others.

Alternative solutions are available and should be considered if pets are not compatible despite following all the advice.

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