Is It Possible For Dogs To Catch A Cold?

Is It Possible For Dogs To Catch A Cold?

It might have crossed your minds whether dogs can catch a cold as humans do.

You might have also thought about if they do, how is that different from how we feel when we suffer from a cold?

To see symptoms like paler skin color, runny nose, and cough, etc. can lead one to think it might be because of catching a cold.

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When we see the same symptoms manifested in our pets, we wonder if they are having the same issue we are.

However, the commonly known “common cold” has no impact on dogs; but, there are a lot of other viruses that can impact the respiratory system of our furry friend and can also lead to the dog developing a runny nose and cough.

Canine cough can be very contagious to other dogs and is very common as well.

Canine cough can make your pet cough when they have something stuck in their throat.

This symptom also defines or makes it easy to identify this disease.

It can even escalate from just dry cough to gagging.

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In puppies, this can cause many complications.

However, in most cases, the cough will go away on its own with only hydration, care, nutrition, and rest

What are some other reasons for your dog getting a cold?

Canine bronchial disease, cardiac disease, pneumonia, neoplasia, allergic rhinitis, heartworms are some more reasons that can lead to a canine cough.

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The best practice is to take the pet to the vet, so they can determine what the real cause it and treat it on time.

Can humans give their furry friends the cold?

Many dog owners worry if they can give their dogs cold when they have it and, a simple answer to that is no.

The germs responsible for dog cold and human cold are very different and do not impact the other.

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However, the owner and the dog can be sick at the same time as both the cold viruses are more common during winters.

Relieving the pet’s cold is the same as the humans, loads of drinks and liquids, rest, staying warm and healthy foods.

If the dog shows no improvement in a week, antibiotics or some other medication might be needed and, the best source of those is to go to the vet.

How can we prevent dog cold?

Vitamins to strengthen the dog’s immune system, keeping a constant temperature in the environment of the pet, less or no exposure to the cold are some of the best practices one can adopt to protect their furry friend from catching a cold.

Even if your dog’s cold does not result from the same viruses yours is, it can be an uncomfortable time for them just like it is for you.

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It is best to take care of your pet and pay attention to their behavior and provide them with plenty of fluids and rest, so they recover soon.

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