Is It Okay If My Cat Eats Watermelon?

Is It Okay If My Cat Eats Watermelon?

For us humans, having a slice of watermelon can be delicious and refreshing during the summer. If you’re thinking of sharing this snack with your cat but aren’t sure about it, do not worry!


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Kitties can eat watermelon now and then and even get great benefits.

Can watermelon be good for my cat?

Yes, it can! Including it in your cat’s diet means they will have the following advantages:

1. Watermelon is an excellent source of water:

The name is already giving it out, this fruit has a high amount of water!

Your cat will be delighted to have it, especially if it’s during a hot day, and you froze the watermelon.

2. Watermelon is high in vitamins:

It has a significant presence of crucial vitamins A and C, which we know helps prevent colds and sickness.


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It also comes high in minerals like magnesium and potassium.

3. Watermelon improves the digestive systems functioning:

Like many fruits and vegetables, watermelon is a significant source of fiber, which will translate into a healthier digestive system.

If you think that we should’ve included its fantastic taste, you might not know that kitties cant sense the same thing you do when eating watermelon.

The sweet flavor is not something they will perceive. For them, it’s just a fun and different treat, great for refreshing.

What should I avoid?

Not everything is perfect, and that is why, even with this delicious fruit, you have to be careful in some cases. Let’s see:

1. Avoid the seeds:

When it comes to watermelon, stick to the pulp only. The seeds can cause choking or belly issues, such as a blockage.


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Besides, if your cats bite them, they can release cyanide, poisonous for them.

Remove as many seeds as you can before feeding your kitty.

2. Do not feed the rind to your cat:

When you eat watermelon, do you eat the rind? Of course not! Well, the same thing goes for your pet.

It is too hard to bite and eat, so your kitty won’t chew it properly, less digest it.

3. Do not give watermelon to cat with diabetes:

It is delicious, but it is also high in sugar, so we do not recommend feeding it to sick kitties as it can alter glucose levels.

It would help if you did not feed watermelon to your cats as a primary or daily meal. Although high in vitamins, it does not have enough nutritional value to be included regularly.


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Use it only as a refreshing snack, your cat will love it, and you can provide the protein he or she needs from other sources.

Cats are carnivorous creatures, so their first option for food has to be protein from meat. Watermelon is excellent, but only on a few occasions.

Remember that some cats can be allergic, so be aware of changes after the first time they try it. Whenever you feel something is going on, go to the vet.


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Remember that a few slices won’t hurt your pet, but a plate every day might do it.

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