Interesting Facts About Being Allergic To Mans Furry Best Friend

Interesting Facts About Being Allergic To Mans Furry Best Friend

Can we be allergic to dogs?

Just like me, many other people around the world are allergic to dogs.

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Dog allergy can be very annoying and upsetting at times.

Humans are not allergic to dogs themselves, but it is their saliva, urine, and dander humans can be allergic too.

Before deciding to give your dog away, there are a few things you can try to get this situation under control by following some steps to help mediate your allergies.

The methods suggested in this article have helped me for sure and can help your allergies subside, but there is a chance your allergies may not disappear completely.

What is the reality of a dog allergy?

Dog allergy can manifest itself in both mild and severe manner.

For me, it is always a severe allergy.

Symptoms for milder cases include itchy eyes and runny nose.

Severe cases can have asthma in addition to these symptoms.

Once you have tried the techniques mentioned, you can determine if you should reduce the number of dogs you have or is your one and the only dog to go.

Doing this will also help you decide if you can live with the dog and manage the allergy.

Humans are allergic to the urine saliva or dander of the dog, unlike the common misconception, we are not allergic to dog fur.

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Dog skin is smaller and lighter than human skin and known as dander, it is invisible to the naked human eye and can be in the air, sticking to the curtains and furniture and things around the house.

To deal with the dog dander, we must wash the linens very often.

It is also preferable to have wooden floors over carpets as they are easier to clean.

How are we allergic to dogs?

Almost every 21 days, a dog’s skin replaces itself and sheds.

This replacement leads to dander being in the air all the time.

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The more dogs you have, the harder it would be to keep this problem in check.

Human epidermis is a lot thicker than the epidermis on dogs.

Dog epidermis varies from dog to dog.

The shedding of dander also varies from dog to dog.

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Dogs with dry skin shed more dander than others.

Humans can also be allergic to a dog’s saliva or urine.

The urine can get on the dog’s paws and fur because of it splashing when they pee.

Their saliva can be the cause of allergy because dogs are used to licking themselves very often.

How to be Less Allergic To Dogs?

Reducing exposure can lead to decreasing the intensity of your symptoms.

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The following are some of the tips you can follow to do that:

· You should use furminators and slickers to groom your dog at least two or three times a week.

· Washing your dog regularly.

· Switch to wooden floors. If that is not possible, make sure to clean carpets regularly.

· Use dog wipes or sensitive wipes for babies to rub your dog down daily.

· You should never sleep in the same room as your dog.

· The bedding and the curtains of the house should be regularly washed.

· You should have your dog sleep outside in a kennel with heating. You can find many different designs for those on the internet.

· Vacuums you use on your carpets should have Hepa filters made for pets. You should also steam clean vacuum your carpet regularly.

· Depending on the weather, have a lot of ventilation in the house.

· Either use a mark or ask someone else who is not allergic to dogs to clean out your filters.

· Air purifiers, vaporizer inhalers, etc. are some of the many products available online for you to help with your allergies.

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