How to use a dog muzzle

Muzzles are devices that are useful in stopping your dog from its regular barking or biting.

In some places, dog muzzles MUST be used based on the law.

You may be anxious about muzzling your dog.

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However, it doesn’t lead to pain or disturbs breathing when correctly done.

Bury all sorts of confusion about using a muzzle or training your dog to use one.

Here’s all that you need to know.

Why should you use a muzzle?

The law makes it a MUST in some areas.

However, there are other reasons to use a dog muzzle.

If your dog is in a lot of pain, it will be aggressive.

You could choose to use it then.

Also, if your tail-wagging friend is likely to be aggressive when groomed, especially by a stranger, muzzling would be a good idea.

When not to use muzzles?

Muzzles do not work to stop behavioral problems like barking or chewing.

This is because it is not worn for a long time.

You should make sure to check why your dog might be misbehaving.

However, never punish your furry friend with a muzzle. It will only grow to fear it.

How do you train your dog to use a muzzle?

You need a mix of the best treats and patience.

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First, let your dog get used to the muzzle in its own time.

You could place it on the floor first. Get your pet to check it out.

Then, put some treats in the muzzle and use commands like “Muzzle on.” This directs your dog to it.

Trying to close the muzzle immediately will scare your tail-wagging friend off.

So, it is better to repeat this process for days until your pet is not scared.

Make sure it is comfortable.

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As soon as you get to close the muzzle, check to see how your furry friend reacts.

Then, increase the amount of time your dog spends muzzled. This should not be rushed.

Give your pet treats. It would help make this process a habit.

What type of muzzle is right for your dog?

Basket muzzles are made from wires or plastics.

The former is usually better for bigger dogs. The latter is better for smaller ones.

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These types of muzzles are useful because they allow your dog to drink water.

Other types, such as soft muzzles, are made from materials like leather, nylon, or mesh.

It can be harmful, though, if strapped too tightly. Your pet might not be able to pant.

Your tail-wagging friend doesn’t sweat like you. So, it would not be able to let heat out.

Make sure that the muzzle fits. Also, give your pet enough time to adjust to it.

Now, you have learned about dog muzzles and how to train your furry friend with them.

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Note that it is not advisable to improvise when it comes to dog muzzles.

Even in cases of emergency, do not use a rope, a leash, or gauze for muzzling.

This is because they are often harmful to your pet and may cause damage.

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