How To Treat Your Cats Snoring

How To Treat Your Cats Snoring

Cats Snoring

Some people have the habit of “Snoring.”

It is not very uncommon and not even a health hazard.

It is a minor health issue.

Have you ever seen a cat snoring?

A cat snoring may seem to be strange to you, but cats do indeed snoring.

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Some other animals also have

the habit of snoring like human beings.

If you have a cat and find about her snoring, you might be worried.

But it is not a severe health issue.

Why Cats Do Snoring?

The reason for snoring is almost similar in humans and animals like cats.

When the upper airways are more relaxed during sleep, they tend to vibrate when the air passes.

The other organs responsible for snoring are the nose, throat, and lower part of the mouth.

These all jointly make vibratory sounds when the cat breathes air.

Snoring in Cats: Dangerous or Harmless?

The cats can sleep in two patterns normal sleep and complete relaxed sleep.

A healthy normal sleep, a cat can move its eyes, eyebrows, feet, and tail.

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In this sleep, the cat is a bit aware of the surroundings.

Snoring does not happen in this type of sleep.

The other sleep is deeper sleep when the cat’s body is incomplete, relax, and all her organs are entirely stationary.

If a cat is habitual of snoring, then in this sleep, snoring happens.

The cat doesn’t need to snore all through her nap.

She may do only during a part of her sleep.

In this case, it is reasonable and nothing to worry about her snoring.

You cannot help her in any way to control snoring.

If you make her awake and make her sleep in a different posture, the snoring will start again.

In the other case, there may be that the cats are sleeping in a weird posture.

This posture might cause the nose and airway to disturb, and the passage of air is not clear.

In this case, the cat can start snoring even if it is not frequent snoring.

You can make her wake up once and put her to sleep again in a proper posture.

The right attitude will clear the airway, and the snoring will stop.

Is Snoring in Cats Due to Obesity?

Some cats get obese as they are getting older.

The overweight cats have a higher tendency of snoring as compared to healthy cats.

Due to the fats of the body, the muscles of the nose and mouth get enlarged.

The narrow passage will reduce the airway.

Hence, obesity may be why an obese cat is more likely to cause snoring than a healthy cat.

Is Snoring in Cats a Sign of Illness?

Usually, snoring is not a sign of illness.

But you need to observe the pattern of snoring over the period, like four to six months.

If the sound of snoring increases with time, like every month, then you need to worry about the health of the cat.

If the snoring is steady over four to six months, then you don’t have to worry.

When Your Cat is Sick?

1. If the cat develops the following symptoms, it shows that the cat is really well.

The cat might be suffering from some respiratory disease.

* Regular discharge happens from the nose and eyes.

* Regular sneezing of the cat.

* The flow of mucus is obstructing the breathing way through the nose.

* The cat is extending her neck and tries to breathe.

2. If the cat is dull and not active, it looks like an overall lethargic loss in appetite; then, the cat must be suffering from internal sickness.

Typically, cats do not breathe through the mouth.

If you observe that the cat is blowing through the mouth, there is a sure sign of serious illness.

These are the signs of severe disease, and you should consult some of your vets for immediate remedy.

These small animals are fierce towards illness and do not show any physical signs of some minor or causal disease.

Several owners do not realize when they become sick.

They only come to know about their sickness when it is too late.

The health issues might have already gone to the advanced stage.

So, the owners need to monitor their eating, sleeping, and socializing behavior closely.

A well-connected owner can quickly realize in the initial stage when she shows minor changes in behavior.

These changes should be enough for him to take her for medical treatment.

Other Causes of Snoring in Cats

There may be several other reasons for snoring among cats.

The most common cause is the nasal way blockage, which I have already described above.

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The other reason may be feline asthma.

Feline asthma is a medical condition in cats when there they have swollen lungs passages.

Some unknown cardiovascular diseases can also cause snoring.

If the cat is suffering from dental problems in the upper jaw, there is a remote possibility of snoring.

Small changes in the face and mouth area can be the cat’s initial symptoms passing through some respiratory or internal problems.

The early detection of a problem is easily treatable.

But if it is late, then in many cases, the cat may die also.

Can You Treat Your Cat for Snoring?

I discussed above, the snoring in cats happens due to several physical conditions.

To suggest any treatment depends on the actual cause of the problem.

The first step towards investigating the issue is to visit a vet and take the cat for physical examination.

A vet can diagnose the cat correctly what is the real cause of snoring.

He can suggest that whether it is regular snoring or an additional respiratory issue is developing.

Habitual snoring may not require any medical treatment.

But if the vet suspects some internal disease, he will advise the procedure.

If the vet finds the snoring within the permissible limit, he may not suggest any treatment.

But, in this case, also the specialist can advise.

He can recommend how to care for the cat so that it does not aggravate the problem.

If the vet observes that the cat is gaining weighting regularly, he might suggest some cat foods.

It can restrict her rate of getting obese. An obese cat is really cannot be a healthy cat.

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It will start another problem, like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

One reason for snoring may be due to the cat is sleeping in arid air space.

You can make the cat shift to another place, and it is easy to control the snoring.


Cat snoring is quite regular; it is as healthy as humans snoring.

All is normal If the snoring is not showing any other symptoms.

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But, if the cat shows other related signs of illness, you should take her to the vet for an examination.

It is essential to observe the cat’s daily behavior to understand the symptoms of any diseases.

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