How To Train Your Dog For Obedience At Home

The first and foremost thing that every pet owner should do with their dogs is to conduct obedience training at home.

Knowing your dogs is crucial to fit into dog lovers’ society, especially during their early days spent with you.

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Obedience training is the dog owners’ responsibility not to put your dogs at risk and the community members.

When you train a socially compatible pet, basic elements of obedience are incorporated in their training.

It is teaching them good manners and opens many doors of opportunities in coping in the real world.

At the initial part of the training, your dogs must recognize your body language and commands.

You may consider this as the most challenging part of your early training.

You can train them not to sleep on your couch or any things you would not allow them to do in your household.

Common beginners’ training would help them keep still and quiet, recognizing their names when called, walking to heel, etc.

Here are some of the simplest training skills for your pet dogs.

Dog Obedience Training for Beginners

As commonly seen in dog training, they start by giving some treats to control some unwanted behaviors.

It is a surefire guarantee that dogs love treats and toys, and you can make them follow simple instructions.

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For some dog owners who have sturdy and fearless breed, you can use the cuddle and praise options.

As a family, you have to work together and as one.

Make sure not to confuse your dogs if one of the family members disagree with any of your commands.

Be consistent in saying “no” or “enough,” so you won’t send confusing signals to your dogs.

There must be unity and consistency in dog training.

Every member of the family should know the word signs.

Do not show overly affection that would spoil your dog and prevent them from obedience training.

There must be clear boundaries of love and discipline.

Some dog owners hire a dog trainer to condition their pets in behaving accordingly.

Formal obedience training may be necessary for your dogs to give them the skill sets required to dominate and control.

Dog clubs become rampant for dog owners who want their pets to socialize with other breeds, and it becomes a great training ground for them to learn new sets of skills.

Not only that, you would meet striving and experienced pet owners.

Your dogs would also surely love the company of other canines, and this would bring them to another level of experience.

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If your dogs already have obedience training, you can avoid problems such as barking with other canines, biting, and other antisocial behavior.

But be mindful of checking dog clubs’ training methods if they are using operant or positive reinforcement.

The methods can bring rewards than punishment or any forms of negative reinforcement.

Remember that any forceful training will not work for your dogs.

Even if you do the obedience training, you need not raise your voice to call your rowdy dogs’ attention.

Be patient while giving your training.

You may be surprised to know that others are naturally obedient while your dog displays mischievous acts.

They will test your patience, so make sure you have lots of energy to make them follow you without feeling repressed.

Do not quit in the training process.

Obedience training is also a test of you give your command and lead.

Establish a loving alpha that your dogs will respect and love.

Regardless of their behavior, dogs are the most loyal house pets.

Enjoy the process of training in positive and fun ways.

The results are better if you feel the excitement as they learn from time to time.

If you convince your dog that obedience training is fun and not restrictive, compelling rewards are necessary, such as sweet treats or great affection.

Your pet may recognize the coolest alpha in the family and becomes more clingy to that family member.

Do not feel jealous as dogs can sensor with their great receptors in recognition.

Your dogs will keep on challenging your patience, be understanding at all times.

The importance of obedience training is for your dog to know that you are the master and do not be overruled with their tricks and charms.

Love them as well as to discipline them.

Like teaching young children, the level of training will give them some sense of protection than harm.

Tips on How to Earn Your Dog’s Obedience

Training your dog may not be as difficult as you may think if you commit to giving the early obedience training.

You may extend more hours and need to have long patience, but once you see they are learning new skills, your hard work pays off.

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If you would read Sophia Yin’s How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves, it gives different perspectives on pet owners’ behaviors for their pets to behave.

According to the book, using averse corrections may not be effective in providing obedience training.

So as you train, you are also learning how to become a good master to your servant dogs.

Apply all the skills you also gained in obedience training of your dogs by the continuous training process.

It takes two to tango in an obedience exercise.

When giving a command, eye contact is an important factor.

When your dogs do not look at you in recognizing you as a master, you have to go back to the basics.

They have to acknowledge their names, ready for small instructions before giving more complex sets of instructions.

Giving them some treats may do the tricks; it doesn’t mean dog treats.

A cuddle and praise are also treated they enjoy from their pet owners.

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Obedience training is provided for your peace of mind.

Dogs can bring joy to every family’s lives but taking care of behaved dogs can give you good companion and better bonding.

Nurturing a healthy human-animal relationship is the basic element in providing necessary training to your canine.

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