How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Many ways of having a dog can affect your home garden.

When you get a new dog, one of the major concerns may be how to stop your dog from digging around your garden.

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It’s crucial to know that digging is in the dog’s nature, and some dogs will stop as they get older, while others will require your guidance to curb the behavior.

Find out why your dog digs. Dogs dig for different reasons.

Observing what prompts your dog to explore is the first step to getting things under control.

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Is your dog trying to hide some bones or just looking to cool off on a sunny day?

When you get answers to these questions from your observations, you then proceed to plan on how to curb the behavior.

You must prepare to achieve compliance from your dog without giving the impression of a punishment.

Dogs don’t comply when punished, and it’s not a good idea when you’re trying to bond with your pet.

Tips on How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

You may observe the reason for your dog’s digging to be any of these three:

• To keep cool
• To hide things from others
• To have fun

Here are ways to curb dogs that dig for these reasons

To Keep Cool

If you observe your dog digs to keep cool, you’ve one of the most comfortable digging reasons to curb.

Help your dog stay comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about its digging anymore.

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Place wet towels over your dog’s body on a sunny day to help it cool. You may find unique inexpensive beds for dogs.

The beds prevent fleas and provide adequate ventilation. The beds are relatively easy to build, too, if you consider them.

To Hide Things from Others

Your dog may dig to hide bones and treats.

It’s normal for dogs as it’s only an expression of their canine instincts of food hoarding.

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This practice may seem innocent, but as a dog owner, you know the health risk digging up old bones can cause to your dog.

A good way to stop dogs from hoarding bones is to change their diet or reduce such bones in their food, substitute the bones with chicken necks.

They take chicken necks without leaving enough to hide.

Dogs may hide toys for later use too.


You may observe your dog isn’t digging for any of the previous two reasons but doing so to have fun.

The way to keep your dog from digging for fun is to make sure it has many activities to direct its energy.

Keep your dog engaged with activities.

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Make observations from your dog and experiment with these tips.

You may find dogs that dig for other reasons. When you do, consult with your veterinarian to find what works.

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