How To Name Your Rabbits?

How To Name Your Rabbits?

Today, some people are keeping rabbits as a pet at their home.

Rabbits’ owners are happy and say that these animals are worth staying at home.

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They are so soft, delicate, and fluffy.

Soon they become a part of the family.

If you bring a new rabbit at home, it won’t be easy to provide him a proper name.

After all, he is going to remain his entire life as a member of the family.

If you have brought your rabbit from a shelter home or animal care, then it might be possible that they have already given him a name.

But when you bring it at home, you feel a great need to rename him as per your kids and other family members’ reactions.

How to Name Your Rabbits

Here I will suggest a few names for your rabbit.

These names are the rabbit owners’ choice, and I am sure you will love them all.

You can use some of these names for your male and female rabbits as appropriate.

Best Names for Your Rabbits


Oreo is the most famous name of rabbits around America and Europe.

The name has a linkage from the famous and tasty dessert.

Similarly, the rabbits are so cute and lovely. This name is suitable for male rabbits.

Oreo is a famous family name mentioned in a best-selling cookie in America in 2017.


If you have a group of three rabbits, then these three names Isabelle, Buddy, or Gizmo, are good options.

The rabbit owners have liked these names.

Some animal lovers use these names in short form.

Some of them call Bud, Izzy, or Belle. Any of these is a good option.

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The latest trend is Isabelle. You will surely see Isabelle as the rabbit’s name, even in your area.

The meaning of the name is quite positive.

The actual meaning of the name is “Pledge to God.”

As per an online survey, this is the most famous name currently in use.


You can use Buddy as your rabbit’s name, which is trendy.

Today, several celebrities have this name, which shows the popularity of the name.

Even some children have a nickname like Buddy.


If you have one rabbit, then you can name him or her Gizmo.

This name is very much in use in Spain, France, and Belgium.

Gizmo means something that you have but forgot its name.

Hence, the name Gizmo is truly meaningful.


If you have a grey colored rabbit, then Smokey is the best choice and goes with both males and females.

This name has a link with a great singer Mr. Smokey Robinson.

This name is even more relaxed if your bunny has an ashes color shade on hair.


As we see, your rabbit must be chewing something all day.

The rabbits have a habit of keep eating something.

They start nibbling anything that they have in front of them.

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So, the name Nibbles is quite suitable for calling them.

It means who is doing the job of Nibble.

The name is appropriate for a rabbit.


If you have a female rabbit, then Bella can be the most appropriate name.

It is also a short name of Isabella.

The meaning of this name in Latin and French is beauty.

Hence, this name is suitable for female rabbits.

If you are a fan of the Twilight series, then you have the opportunity to name your rabbit as the main character Bella Swan.


If you see the peanut’s shape, it is like a small brown color rabbit is sitting.

So, if you have a brown color small male or female rabbit, you can name it as peanut.

As everyone loves peanuts, the name for a rabbit is quite suitable.


If you have a white-colored rabbit, then you have another option like Snowball.

It also has historical relevance. This name is in practice since the battle of Hastings in 1066.

The family in Yorkshire used to keep a rabbit named Snowball.

The name is suitable for male and female gender.

Lilly or Lily

We all love the small flower of Lilly.

It is small in size, but everyone likes it.

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You can name your female rabbit Lilly or Lily.

You can write the name in a slight variation like Lily or Lilley, which all are in practice in western European countries.

Lily is the name of a flower and is the right name for a female rabbit.


If you already have a rabbit at home, you must have observed that it keeps jumping and thumping here and there.

You will keep hearing the sounds of Thump-Thump throughout the day.

This sound will encourage you to name it Thumper as he keeps jumping and making this sound all around.

This name also has relevance from the film Disney’s depiction of Bambi.


This name is universal, and you can find around you several babies, dogs, cats, and rabbits with this name.

Baby is the most used name for a lovely cute kid or a puppy.

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Even if you have not named it formally as a baby, you can call it to as a baby.

You can call it a baby, let it be a male or female.

If your rabbits have already grown up to adults, then you may not find this name appropriate.

But you can surely keep this name as a reserve for their kids.

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