How To Name a New Cat

Our cats are more than pets to us; they are family.

Like family, their name means so much to us.

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A name is more than just an identity for your cats with them forever, but it reflects how much they are loved and adored.

A nameless cat would mean it is not so important that its human-parents never even bother naming it.

That poor cat!

Show your cat how special they are to you, by giving it a name!

But choosing a cat’s name should not be something so random and so meaningless.

You must look at it as a big decision as if your cat’s life depends on it.

You must be wise at naming your adorable pet!

Give that cat of yours some justice and think of a name that will represent their uniqueness.

On the one hand, be sure that the name will be music to your ears, and you will enjoy calling your cat every-now-and-then.

So we are here to help you name your cat and go beyond what is familiar.

(Let us not settle for something common like “Fluffy” – Come on!

You can do better than that!

) Here are the naming methods you may use.

What Does Science Say?

You might be dumbfounded as to what to do first.

Worry no more!

The first stage is to get to know the science behind the cat.

Have you ever wondered how your cat’s brain works!

Of course, you know they have a brain, but do you know how they think?

Well, cats have selective hearing.

Now you know.

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As cat-owners, you might doubt whether or not your cat can even recognize their names.

You might even ask random questions: What is the point of all of this?

Why name a cat that cannot even read, spell, or speak human language?

Will the name even ring a bell on that fragile creature?

So here is the thing: cats are more responsive to some human sounds than to others.

Notice that their voice is usually high pitched as they meow.

Therefore, they can be more responsive to high-pitched human voices.

They prefer a woman’s voice to a man’s.

That might explain why cats are drawn to ladies and young girls – their high pitched voices are stimulating.

Another fabulous trivia is that the vowel “e” stimulates the cat; hence, it would be best that their names contain that vowel.

It would be such an attention grabber!

But here is the deal: according to research, cats would not be responsive to names unless they have undergone some training.

Regardless of how many vowel “e” you put in your cat’s name, it might be useless if they had zero training.

Unlike dogs, cats prefer to be alone most of the time; they are not so fond of many people – of parties and vacations.

They are not social beings.

So teach your cat to socialize starting in their kitten years.

Make the cat feel comfortable being with humans and with other pets.

Spend some time with your cat; give it all your love and attention.

Sooner or later, they will get used to people calling their names.

What is Your Cat’s Personality?

It is not a secret that cats come in various shapes and sizes, and colors.

But you would agree that they are all adorable and cute.

You see, different breeds possess different traits and behavior.

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Just like humans, each of your cats is unique.

So why not come up with a name that fits, a name that reflects the kind of cat you have.

But you can never find a suitable name if you do not even know your cat’s personality.

That is why it is always best to get to know your cat first!

Some cats are playful, while others want to lie down the whole day doing nothing.

Some like to sit peacefully all day long, while others prefer a noisy party.

Once you know your cat, the naming game will be a lot easier.

After the personality check, it is time to come up with names.

For more reserved cats, why not give them some aristocratic, royalty-sounding names?

A cat with a title (such as Lord or Lady) will hurt no ears.

When your cats are attention seekers, then give them some fun-sounding names, something that would make your cat jump in joy!

What Do Your Cats Look?

All cats are uniquely beautiful.

Your cats possess rare beauty and radiate a fantastic aura, so why not bank on that?

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It is unsound to name an as-white-as-show cat Raven or Shadow.

It will just be a laughing stock for visitors.

So, look at your cats straight and identify their most vibrant physical features: its eyes, fur, and tail.

Get inspired by the dark fur of your Russian Blue or Burmese cat as you come up with a name.

Now that you have a name that fits your cat’s personality and looks, you are good to go!

Consider these: Midnight is a pretty name for a dark-colored cat; Pumpkin or Ginger for an orange cat, and Snowflake (or Blanca) for a white one.

Yes, you can name your cats based on their colors!

Are you not done yet?

Well, let us further examine your fur friend.

Do you know its breed?

The breed speaks volumes of the cat’s origin.

You could find inspiration on where your cat’s breed came from.

Its history and origin are just one google away.

Once you learned enough about the breed’s past, you can then come up with names that will reflect their unique ancestry.

For instance, if you own a Persian cat, why not give a name inspired by the Middle-Eastern region?

If you have a Burmese cat (also called the Sacred Cat of Burma), why not name it based on religion?


It is not always about the present, but the past too.

Everything and everyone has a history – a story to tell.

Now, think of your history, was there someone you liked or a pet you loved to spend time with?


Names help you remember the cats you loved before and the cats who occupied so much space in your heart.

They will not just be a memory to recall with their names, but a pet to adore even after they die.

A cat with the right name feels at home in your heart.

Plus, everyone will know and remember your cat, not just you.

What Resources Are Available?

By now, you might have a long list of names to choose from.

But the names you thought about might be taken already by other cat-owners.

Fluffy, for instance, is becoming a familiar household cat name.

So check your list once more and cross out all those common names you have listed.

Do not be disheartened about it.

If ever your preferred name is all over the place, like Gossamer, you can look at the thesaurus to look for alternatives.

Anyway, they would signify the same thing.

If nothing above works, well, what are your favorites, again?

Why not name a cat with something or someone dear to you.

Your cat would be proudly meowing around while bearing the name of the most extraordinary literary characters you are inspired by, of movie characters you so love, or of cartoon characters from your childhood.

Have you admired a superhero or heroine before?

Then why not honor your cats by naming them with something special to you, personally.

You would definitely love your cat, even more, when it is named after something you also love.

If you already have a name but is still indecisive and hesitant and confused, do not worry.

You can go over a book of baby names and find out what some names genuinely mean.

Your pets are your babies, too, right?

So it is not embarrassing to use baby names for them.

As much as possible, be original.

There are a lot of possible names to choose from in that book.

Remember, a good name is a conversation starter.

Coming Up With the Decision

Have you followed the steps above? Very good!

Then probably you have a list of options to choose from by now.

The last and final step is decision-making.

First, check if your cat responds to the list of names you have.

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If they are not responsive to some, then better remove those names.

Also, remove those names with too many words or sounding too complicated.

Keep on repeating the words and figure out whether they are comforting to your tongue.

Some names look pretty as printed but sounding like tongue twisters when pronounced.

Next, ask for the opinions of your family members, since the cat is their family too.

Finally, put in mind that shorter names are always better (like Tom for Thomas).

If you finally found the perfect name for your cat, then congratulations!

You are in for a wonderful adventure with your purr friend!

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