How To Introduce Dogs And Cats In A Safe Way

How To Introduce Dogs And Cats In A Safe Way

When introducing pets in the living area, there might be several problems that will arise.

Most of these can be prevented from the beginning if the following tips are kept in mind.

This will prevent the well-known fights between cats and dogs and aggressive behavior that may come from it.


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It’s always a bad idea to just put them together without warning, and will ultimately lead to an anxious environment for both animals.

Does exchanging scents help introduce animals?

Before returning home with your new friend, it is a good idea to gather some of the unique animals’ personal effects to take home first.

Anything from toys to bedding will work, as long as it carries the animal’s scent.

These items can then be placed around the home and close to your other pets’ sleeping space. This way, your current pets will start getting used to the new animal’s presence long before their arrival.

This will also have a psychological benefit on your pet’s blame-shifting. This is because things already start changing before the presence of the new animal addition.

Once you have ensured your pets are comfortable with their home’s new presence, you can bring the new pet over.


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They will need to be kept in separate rooms for now as your new pet will be excited about its new home and doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with introductions just yet.

Are crates a good option?


After your new pet has spent a few days in the room and acclimated to its new surroundings, they may start exploring.

If it’s a cat, make sure that your dog is in its crate/enclosure and just let the cat start exploring naturally.


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If your new addition is a dog, then put your pooches cage in the cat’s room and let the cat back into the room. This will ensure the safety of both.

Seeing as cats get somewhat claustrophobic, it is recommended to put the dog into a crate and let the cat have its freedom to move. This will also help the cat to stay around longer as it does not feel so anxious.

Will they get used to each other?

The two budding friends will need some time apart, so give them a break. Especially early on in their relationship, it is a good idea to separate them for some alone time daily.

Your dog will need this time and space to roam and play. He will also need regular walks.

At first, the dog should stay leashed even in the house to avoid a potential tragedy.


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It is important for them to be visible but separated as this will build up their tolerance for each other. It may even grow into a friendship if all goes as planned.

How do I correct negative behavior?

Discipline is important.

If your dog is getting rough or aggressive, they will need behavioral adjustment. When they revert to good behavior, reward them fittingly.

Cats can be troublemakers too so keep an eye on them.

Their teasing nature tends to annoy well-trained dogs and wear down their patience. Be sure to be stern with both parties to level out favoritism.

How do I supervise freedom?

Once your furry pals are calm in each other company, they may be freed from their restraint/crate.

Keep a close eye on them to ensure they don’t make a mess of things and keep being stern when correcting their behavior.


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Following all this advice will lead to a healthy relationship between your pets and make the introduction process a lot easier for everyone.

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