How To Groom Your Cat

How To Groom Your Cat

You may get the temptation to leave your cat unwashed since it’s always licking itself clean and staying away from dirt.

But even when your cat’s licking does keep its fur looking clean, it can’t do the required grooming for your cat, and you have to step in to keep it healthy.


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A brief guideline on how to groom your cat

Cats differ in their health needs by breed.

A long-haired breed would require more frequent brushing and care to prevent excessive shedding.

And painful hairballs that can grow to become very harmful for your pet.


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Tips on How to Groom Your Cat

Coat removal

Furry cats shed a lot of hair.

Frequent brushing may help to reduce the amount of hair your cat sheds, but it’s not going to stop it.

Too much hair is not healthy for your cat and can restrict its movement, so it’s not a good practice to overlook it.

Leaving your cat’s fur unkempt can also be dangerous to your health as the cat owner.

Parasite eggs like Ringworm can be contracted from infected animals when you make contact or live in its environment.

A better way to control excessive shedding of fur is to use a clipper.

Cat isn’t a compliant animal, and many difficulties will be encountered if you try to use a clipper on it alone.

Find someone to assist you with the hair clipping process or visit a groomer’s shop.


Cat’s frequent licking does a great job, but it’s not the most reliable thing to do for many breeds.

Some breeds may require weekly washing.


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Cats generally are hydrophobic, so it’s advised to opt for damp cloths and shampoo when washing them instead of direct use of water.

There are special shampoos for cats, although baby shampoos are delicate and also a good alternative.

Nail Clipping

Help your cats clean their nails at least once every month.

Nail clipping, like the hair clipping process, can make a cat feel uncomfortable, so getting assistance will go a long way.

Trim your cat’s claws at least every two weeks.


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When you trim a cat’s nail, take some treats for the process, and only remove the nail’s sharp tip.

Avoid trimming all claws at once. You may press the nail pad to expose the claw for a more comfortable cut.

Feed your cat with treats as you proceed with the trimming to ensure your cat gets comfort as much as possible during the clipping.

If your cat is uncomfortable with the trimming, you can cover its body in a towel then take its paws out once at a time to clip, but it’s advised to avoid until there’s no other choice.


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There are inexpensive tools for de-shedding cats and furry pets that you can find in the pet stores.

You may also speak with a professional groomer if you don’t have the appropriate tools or need the cleaning focus on delicate areas of the cat’s body like the eyes, ears, teeth, e. t. c.

Cats can also be challenging to control. Carefully make your experiment to know what’s suitable for your pet.

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