How Much Food Should A Cat Eat?

As a cat owner, you should know a handful of things to feed your pet, right.

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One of these is knowing how much food your cat should have.

Quantity matters as much as quality. Most animals know when to stop eating, usually when they are full.

However, you have probably seen cats who don’t know when to stop.

You don’t want your kitten to be obese or worse.

Here’s all you need to know about feeding your cat well. Keep reading.

Are there factors that affect how much food your cat should have?

There’s no universal answer to the question of the “right” size of food to give.

Some factors affect the amount of food you should give your cat.

The size of your cat and its weight matters.

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Rate of metabolism, and the amount of exercise it gets, also play a part.

The temperature of the surroundings affects the size you should feed too.

Your kitten has specific requirements that the food you give it should meet.

It is why no specific “size” of any food can be said to be correct.

Various foods contain various kinds of ingredients.

These usually have different nutritional and calorific values.

What are the general guidelines when feeding your cat?

Generally, for a cat of 5 pounds (2.3kg), 30 to 40 grams of dry cat food is needed.

A cat of 10 pounds (4.5kg) should feed on a quantity between 45 to 65 grams.

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For a cat that’s 15 pounds(6.8kg) in size, 65 to 95 grams of food is ideal.

In terms of calories, a healthy adult cat needs 30 calories per pound of its weight.

That is, if your cat weighs eight pounds, you should give it food worth 240 calories per day.

It’s easier to measure calories required this way.

Commercial food products usually have their calorific values recorded per 100grams.

You can get as much information as you need from the back of the cat food bag.

Rationing comes in next as a way to prevent your cat from overeating.

Measure the amount of food you give. Take a look at your cat to know the right quantity to feed.

If your cat is on the slimmer side, feed it on the larger size of the range.

Your pet is fatter then, do the opposite. If it is of average weight, give the mid-value amount.

Measure your cat’s size every two weeks. It is to make sure that the amount fed gives the result you want.

Cats majorly need a lot of protein.

They need the fleshy kinds like meat from poultry as well as fish.

You should use only about ten percent of carbohydrates in your cat’s diet.

The diet should also contain a low amount of fillers.

How often should you feed your cat?

It depends on what you have for your cat in terms of size and quality.

It can also depend on how busy you are with work.

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Most cat owners feed their pets in the morning and in the afternoon.

This is great if you have to go to work.

However, if you work from home, you can divide your cat’s mealtime into three or four occasions.

Now, you know how much your cat needs to eat.

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With these, you won’t make the mistake of overfeeding or underfeeding your kitten.

Feed your pet based on these basic guidelines, and remember, the cats like regularly timed meals.

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